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How to refine the villa site with your own hands: the advice of the real owners

In order to know how to improve your holiday home with your own hands, you need to make a list in which to indicate what you would like to see on your 6 sq.m. It looks like a school essay, only marked. Someone from the family would like to break the rose garden and flower gardens, someone has plans for an alpine slide, children have long dreamed of having a living spruce in the yard of the house, and the mother-in-law is dreaming of a stove under the sky, to which the path leads.

A booth for your beloved pet can also become an ornament if it is built on a modern style and painted accordingly. A large table and benches to it is the perfect solution for a family that decided to dine in the fresh air, in the shade of a branchy tree.

If you have long wondered about how to improve the dacha area with your own hands, then there should not be problems, there would be building materials at hand, desire and helpers.

Some summer residents turn the terrace of their house into a canopy, on the frame of which stretches a canvas. This multifunctional design allows you not only to regulate the amount of sunlight (remove and retard the canopy), but also to turn it into a summer garden, where flowerpots are taken out, a mini-fountain with a beautiful statuette is mounted, and sunbeds are placed.

Those who already use the canopy do not ask their relatives and friends: "How to beautify the villa site with their own hands?" They have long made rectangular "pockets" of artificial stone or plastic pallets and planted in them bushes of beautiful roses, pions and dahlias. Opposite the structure under the fruit trees grow tulips, crocuses, pansies, hyacinths. To them leads a mowed lawn mower track, which in the morning is decorated with droplets of cold dew.

If your man has golden hands and has the skill of working with wood, then invite him to make the king's gate. The crew with horses in them to enter, of course, will not, but it is on the gates and fence that they always judge the welfare of the owners of the dacha. Once the wooden structure is ready, lay out the territory behind it with tiles, plant decorative bushes and flowers. Believe that in the next two or three years you will tell colleagues at work how to improve the dacha area with your own hands, and not run around in search of suitable materials.

A good hostess always has a lot to do, but she does not forget to invite her neighbors to the pie. While he is cooling down, women conduct conversations on different topics, for example, how to arrange a summer residence with their own hands and how to feed strawberries?

If a number of men are present, then one of them will necessarily share the experience of building gazebos. The wooden variant is considered classical, but the last 5 years have changed the idea of contemporaries about how a gazebo should look. It is now preferred to build not for 7-10 years, but for a longer period. The course is stone, foam blocks, gas blocks and even silicate bricks

If you do not know how to make the decoration of a holiday home with your own hands, photos in numerous print media should help you. It is not necessary to turn the whole process into a grand construction, it is enough to take a large umbrella to the open territory and put several folding chairs and a table under it, this mini-gazebo is built for a short time and is disassembled once it ceases to fulfill its function.

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