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Drawing lessons: how to draw a snowboarder in pencil step by step

Beautiful and spectacular descent on a snowboard from a snowy peak is a great story for a picture. Therefore, many creative people, wishing to create a drawing on the theme of winter sports, turn their attention specifically to snowboarding. How to draw a snowboarder in pencil step by step? Consider all aspects of this important for any novice artist question.

Features of a snowboard, which the artist should know

The snowboarder leaves the mountainside, standing on a special board. His feet are fixed on a snowboard with the help of special tools. On some sections of the track, he breaks away from the surface and flies through the air, performing complex figures. At all stages of descent, it is extremely important to maintain balance. Whichever moment the congress from the mountain the artist chooses the plot of the picture, he must understand that the figure of a person must be stable. Therefore, before you draw a snowboarder, you should carefully look at this sport and its features, otherwise the figure of the athlete will turn unnatural. Several sketches of snowboarders in different positions can be seen in the picture below.

Equipment athlete

Before drawing a snowboarder in pencil step by step, let's consider its external features. With all the variety of styles of clothing, three accessories of the athlete are mandatory. This is a large sports mask-glasses, special bots and gloves. Snowboarders prefer bright youth clothes baggy cut, often wearing half-masks that protect the wind from the lower part of the face, like unusual headdresses. All this must be reflected in the figure.


Deserves not less attention and the board itself. As a rule, the snowboard has a length almost comparable to human growth, and a width of about 30 centimeters. For those who decided to figure out how to draw a snowboarder in pencil step by step, and chose for the picture of an athlete flying above the ground, it is worth paying attention to the bottom of the board. This is a whole culture of professionals and amateurs. Usually the lower part of the board is marked with a bright pattern reflecting the nature and inner world of the owner.

How to draw a snowboarder in pencil step by step

Learn something new, moving from easy to difficult. Therefore, those who decided to try to draw an athlete on a snowboard for the first time, it is worth starting with this simple lesson. It includes only six steps.

  1. Draw first the board itself - at an angle of about 45 degrees. The athlete will be located above it. The head of the snowboarder is approximately on the same level as the top edge of the board. Above one edge of the board are visible socks bot.
  2. The athlete is in the semicircle, so we can see his legs to the knees, shoulders, hands and head. The hull part is hidden. Draw the lower leg.
  3. Round off the knees, on the head draw a mask and helmet.
  4. It came to the shoulders and arms. We do an approximate markup.
  5. Drawing the hands. One of them is in free movement, it is necessary for balance. The second one we see on the back of the snowboard - the athlete adheres to it.
  6. Finish drawing. Detail the face, add a couple of highlights on the half mask, draw a suit. Do not forget about how the bottom surface of a snowboard is usually decorated. It is clearly visible, and you need to pay attention to it.

A few tips for novice artists

In order for the pencil drawing to be plausible, it is worth paying attention to the shadows. The light source is one, so all the shadows must be on one side. Logically, if in this figure the light will fall from above, and the shadows will go down. Particular attention should be paid to folds on clothing, glare on the helmet, mask and board. After mastering an easy lesson on how to draw a snowboarder with a pencil, you can proceed to more complex tasks.

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