Clarification of hair with hydrogen peroxide.

Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide is a procedure in which it is necessary to strictly follow all instructions. It is very important in her correct consistency. And it depends only on the structure of your hair. Suppose, if you are the owner of porous and thin hair, the concentration should be insignificant in comparison with the one that will be needed to lighten the elastic and thick hair.

Natural means for lightening hair are different: chamomile, honey, lemon, onion husks, rhubarb root and so on. Of course, they are all safer than brightening hair with hydrogen peroxide. But despite this the latest technique is used now very often. The principle of its effect is extremely simple: the clarifying agent is exposed to the influence of air, resulting in a reaction that causes discoloration of the pigment. That is, the longer the clarifying composition will be on your hair, the lighter they will become. It is very important to properly observe the exposure time. If you overstrain the remedy, it can not only lead to the burning of the hair, but also cause severe scalp burns. Just to reduce the exposure time, ammonia is added to the clarifying agent. It has an alkaline effect, so the formation of oxygen is greatly accelerated. As a result of this, the scales of the hair open faster and the clarifying agents are more likely to get there. Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide, as already mentioned above, requires a clear dosage. Therefore, pay attention to the fact that ammonia should be added at the rate of 50 grams of composition to 5 drops of alcohol. After all, if you add it over and above, hair will almost completely burn out or get a yellowish shade.

So, how to properly brighten hair with hydrogen peroxide? If you have an average hair length, then you need to prepare 50 grams of composition. But just in case, prepare more immediately, because if you suddenly this amount is not enough, you will have to cook more. And the hair meanwhile will be clarified, and you can get an uneven tone.

If your hair is thick and thick, then you need to use 8-12 percent solution if they have an average thickness - 6 per cent peroxide solution, and for thin hair - 4 per cent. Cooking mixture should be only in ceramic or glassware, and in no case not in metal. If these conditions are not observed, an oxidative reaction may occur. And metal spoons for stirring can not be used.

In order to protect the skin from peeling and irritation, lubricate it in the area of the ears, forehead and neck with a fat cream. Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide is done only on unwashed hair, to avoid penetration of the solution into the scalp. A warming cap in this case is not necessary. This is due to the fact that the process of lightening occurs very quickly, and warming can unnecessarily speed it up and burn the hair.

When the mixture is applied, wait for no more than 20 minutes. After this, you should thoroughly wash your hair, rinse them with acidified water or prepare for this purpose in advance a solution of apple cider vinegar at the rate of art. L. : liter of water. Such washing is required in order to interrupt the lightening reaction of the hair and restore their healthy appearance and shine.

With the help of hydrogen peroxide, you can also make lightening of the hair on your hands. After all, many women are concerned about the problem of too dark, thick hair in this area. And if you make them bright, they will not be so noticeable. In any case, be extremely careful when using hydrogen peroxide. One wrong move and hair can be burned, and then require a long and painful recovery.

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