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Cherry in own juice: cooking features and recipes

Cherry in its own juice is a perfect preparation. It is perfect for pies and vareniki. In addition, there will be an opportunity to cook an excellent compote or simply eat this wonderful berry fresh in the winter.

Blanks from cherries can be made very quickly, and most importantly - without the use of any preservatives. The fact is that in its fruits there is a sufficient amount of its own acid, thanks to which the preparation does not deteriorate throughout the whole winter.

Only if you remove the bones, you get a natural cherry in your own juice. Preserving it will be very simple. But there is one difficult moment that needs to be paid close attention. This is the extraction of pits, if there is no specialized device. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

We choose only fresh and ripe berries, they are soaked for one hour in cold water. Next, delete the stems, if any. With the help of a toothpick, a bent clip or even a nail polish we start to pull out a bone. To do this, we insert them into the hole, we hook the bone and pull it out like a ladle. The process will be fairly simple. The main thing - you need to practice a little.

Cherries in their own juice. Option one

Cherry pour cool water for one hour. Next - to remove from each berry its bone. If the spoiled will come across, they will need to be thrown out, as they can spoil the whole workpiece. The best ripe and beautiful fruits are recommended for selection for preservation. Fold them in enameled dishes.

Further, pitted fruits without spreading on cans, pour the juice that remained in the pan, and cover them with lids. We put all the sterilized. In order to do this, you need a large saucepan. On its bottom put a stand, or to lay it with a dense fabric, which is folded into six layers. Next, install the jars, pour cold water into the pan in such a way that the liquid does not reach the neck itself by two centimeters. In this case, the water will not enter the jar during boiling.

Put the pan on the fire, allow to sterilize half a liter containers for fifteen minutes, and liter - at least twenty. Next, pull out the cans, tightly cork with boiled lids. Turn them over, put them upside down. Leave in this position until it cools. Keep cherry in its own juice should be in the basement. For the same purpose, a cool storage room is suitable.

Cherries in their own juice. Option Two

The berries will need to remove the bones in the manner described above. Next, in enameled dishes, pour the fruit with sugar. It is recommended to keep the following proportion: per kilogram of cherries you need a glass of sweet seasoning. We leave the workpiece for twelve hours so that the berry can soak with sugar and allocate the maximum amount of juice. Then put the pan on the fire, bring to a boiling state.

At this time, sterilize the jars. To do this, wash them with boiling water and hold for several minutes over boiling water.

Next, decompose the berries into cans and pour the juice that was released during cooking. Immediately roll up the boiled lids, turn the bottom up. We enclose the cans with a thick towel or with a blanket. We wait for them to cool completely and send the stock for storage. You can do this even at room temperature, because, in addition to acid, it also contains sugar.

In general, the preparation of canned cherries in their own juice is very simple. Since it is very well kept, it is possible to procure and more delicacies.

Bon Appetit!

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