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How can I get a "Metro" card to visit a hypermarket?

Hypermarkets of the Metro trade network are widely represented all over the world and are distinguished by a unique system of admission of buyers. If any other similar shopping object seeks to attract the maximum number of customers without any restrictions, then in the "Metro" the buyer can only get on a special card. Get it can not everyone, in connection with which the question of how to get a map of "Metro", is particularly relevant.

The attractiveness of this trade network is also determined by relatively low prices. This does not mean low quality products. On the contrary, in this area, the control of Metro is one of the most stringent in the Russian market. Often there is a situation when the company uses products whose expiration date has not yet expired. Recycles simply because the customers should only be offered the freshest. The main feature of the Metro shopping network is that stores provide their cards only to legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, as well as to persons representing them. These hypermarkets are guided by small wholesale trade (instead of regular checks at the checkout are issued full-fledged commodity waybills), but the card holder can purchase products for personal needs. This circumstance makes many potential customers think about how to get a "Metro" card.

The most correct approach to the issue is to provide the constituent documents of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur. In order for the cards to be received by employees, a power of attorney must be drawn up for each of them. You will also need a passport of the person to be decorated. It should also be noted that the client card will be issued to each employee personally. The photo of the owner is placed on the card, and the photo is taken directly on the counter at the entrance to the hypermarket's trading floor. With all the nuances of how to get a map of Metro, you can find it on the official website of the company.

It should be noted that the above is not the only available opportunity to make purchases. In extreme cases, you can go to the store with the customer card holder as an accompanying person. In addition, many individuals became holders of customer cards during the opening of new hypermarkets in the regions. The company sent out offers for registration of clients' cards on local organizations for working out the initial client base.

Today there are companies that deal with the design of Metro cards for a certain reward. The trading network itself indicates that such actions are illegal. Cards may be blocked if they were manufactured or issued illegally. In conclusion, we should note one more possibility of getting a Metro card - to become an employee of this trade network. Each employee of the hypermarket, as well as employees of satellite organizations, is given a personal card. It is noteworthy that it continues to operate after a change of job.

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