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Plant parsley. Benefit and harm

Fresh herbs from time immemorial are used in cooking. It perfectly adorns any dish, complementing its taste. Particular importance in this regard is attached to parsley. This plant, belonging to the family of umbrellas, in previous times was valued in weight of gold.

Parsley, the benefit and harm of which was known for a long time, was used by healers as a medicinal drug that allows you to get rid of a variety of ailments. Due to its invaluable qualities, the plant is widely used in cooking, cosmetology and folk medicine.

Parsley, the composition of which is rich in acids and vitamins, promotes antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic and healing effects on the human body. Folk doctors successfully apply the roots, seeds, leaves and juice of this healing plant.

Parsley, the benefits and harm of which have been known since time immemorial, serves as an excellent natural antiseptic. The plant promotes the rapid healing of very deep cuts, as well as purulent wounds. It also helps with conjunctivitis. Parsley fresh gives healing juice, which is recommended in the absence of appetite. In addition, when it is used, the acidity of the stomach rises. In this case, patients should take inside one tablespoon of juice before eating.

Dried parsley, the benefit and harm of which should be well studied before its use, is used to prepare broths. These drugs have a diuretic effect, reduce weight and swelling, and also contribute to the purification of the kidneys and liver. Broths from the healing plant are treated with hypertension and atherosclerosis. They help restore the broken menstrual cycle and eliminate bleeding gums. To prepare the decoction it is enough to add two tablespoons of parsley to one liter of ordinary water, bring the mixture to a boil, cool it and strain it. In this case, this product is great for different applications (external and internal).

Successfully used and parsley seeds. They help to avoid baldness and eliminate lice. Plant seeds in this case find their application in the form of ointments. It is applied to the hair or scalp. To prepare the ointment, a mixture consisting of two tablespoons of seeds and two hundred grams of water is brought to a gruel-like state.

Infusion from the root of parsley dilutes the blood and strengthens the immune system. For its preparation, take two hundred and fifty milliliters of boiling water, which is poured 2 tbsp. Spoons of raw materials. Infusion should be left for seven to eight hours in a warm place.

As a cosmetic parsley is used to whiten and smooth the skin of the face. The plant is used in the form of masks and lotions.
Parsley, the benefit and harm of which is known to every folk medicine, is not recommended for women during pregnancy. When it is used on the kidneys there is an increased load, which is undesirable for expectant mothers. In a lot of parsley should not be in the menu for hypotension. It is undesirable to use the products on the basis of this plant and allergies, since such drugs can provoke an exacerbation of the pathology. Damage to parsley is also manifested when it is improperly grown. Do not eat a plant that was grown on sites near the road.

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