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What is acidophilus milk?

What is acidophilus milk? The answer to this question will be given in the article presented. Also we will tell you about how this beverage is produced, what kind of useful properties it has and so on.

general information

Acidophilic milk is a milk drink that is enriched with an acidophilic lactic acid bacterium. Such microorganisms are able to change the taste of milk, its properties and consistency. Experts believe that the product in question is antiallergenic and significantly improves the digestion process.

How to produce?

Acidophilic milk is made from ordinary pasteurized cow's milk. Special lactic acid bacteria are added to it : an acidophilus rod, a kefir fungus and a lactobacillus streptococcus.

The process of adding these microorganisms is quite similar to the routine of fermentation, which occurs during a half-day at a temperature of not more than 32 degrees.

Under such conditions, bacteria, including acidophilic, are able to consume only a small amount of lactose, which is contained in milk. As a result, the drink becomes more dense and acquires a characteristic sourness.

You can make this product not only in production conditions, but also at home. Acidophilic milk at home is not less tasty and useful than purchased.

Method of storage

Store purchased acidophilic milk or cooked at home is required in a cool environment (for example, in a refrigerator). However, it should be noted that a drink made at home is kept for a week. As for the milk purchased in the store, then, as a rule, it has a longer shelf life. This is due to the fact that manufacturers very often add to this drink various substances that increase the shelf life of it.

Included in the acidophilus milk active bacteria continue to multiply and after its manufacture. In this regard, such a product is not recommended to use after the expiration date. In addition, this drink should be poured, if its smell or color has changed markedly.

Useful properties of the drink

Not so long ago, specialists proved that acidophilic milk is much better absorbed by the body than the usual one. The secret of such a drink lies in the ability of bacteria to ferment a part of lactose, which is part of the raw material. Therefore, it is recommended to give acidophilic milk to children every day.

It should also be noted that this product is often used in dietary and therapeutic nutrition.

It is impossible not to say that after entering the human body, the acidophilic rod begins to release special antibiotics. As is known, such substances compete quite effectively with a large number of different bacteria, including staphylococci.

The microorganisms in this drink can suppress the processes of decay in the human body. In addition, unlike the Bulgarian rod, acidophilic excites the secretion of the stomach and pancreas. That is why such milk is often consumed during consumption of fatty and abundant food. It not only improves the digestive process, but also speeds up metabolism, and restores natural immunity.

In the first days after consuming acidophilic milk, a person may experience unpleasant sensations and discomfort. Experts explain this condition by changing the balance of bacteria that are in the digestive system. As practice shows, discomfort in the stomach passes in a couple of days.

Some experts believe that the regular use of acidophilus milk helps reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions. It is for this reason that a drink is recommended to give to young children who have already reached the age when you can drink cow's milk without any fear.

One can not but note the fact that the said product is able to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

What is different from regular milk?

Nutritional value, as well as useful properties of acidophilous milk, practically do not differ from usual. According to experts, this drink contains a similar amount of protein and calcium. However, it should be noted that the calorie content of this product is slightly higher.

How to use?

Speaking about acidophilus milk, many are very nutritious and useful serum. This is really so. However, this drink looks almost the same as usual, with the only difference that it is slightly thicker and has a characteristic sourness.

How should I use the product in question? Sweet acidophilic milk is drunk in a warm or cold form. It is used for making pancakes, pancakes, and also pirozhkovogo dough. However, it should be noted that you will not be able to add such milk to strong hot tea. Otherwise, your drink will simply curl up.

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