Dacha crafts with their own hands from the trash, gazebos from nothing can create real dreamers

Someone thinks that a dacha is a place where people turn into slaves of their passion for gardening. Someone thinks that the land plot is a place for storing old and unnecessary things. And someone refers to a country house as a fairy place, where, putting their hands and imagination, you can create a truly heavenly corner ...

And the imagination of such craftsmen really knows no bounds! Original summer crafts with their own hands are obtained, for example, from old tires from the car. The craftsmen manage to make beautiful swans or a funny bear out of them. And from the whole bag of glass containers, these wizards of handmade creativity can lay out original curbs around the flower beds at a height of half a meter!

The unwanted tree has no worries to uproot. It is time-consuming and laborious. And from hemp you can build summer hand-made articles with your own hands. You just need to cut the tree not at the very foot, but a meter from the ground, a little poke over the stump with a knife and paints - and now, please: an elephant figure appeared on the site!

Fine dacha crafts with their own hands are obtained from those who are at least a little familiar with the art of modeling. Peacock and dragon, outdoor jug and cheerful giant hedgehog will be an excellent decoration of the country site. And they can be molded from clay, and from a mixture of gypsum with sand, and cement. And it's even possible to adapt an old blown rubber ball for your street sculpture. Cut in half not to the end, it will turn into peacock wings.

And leaky metal dishes and basins can still serve. It's worth them only to put on hats, like hats, and color them in the manner of fly agarics. And that these dacha articles made with their own hands turned out to be the most vivid and fabulous, on the stump - a mushroom leg - it's easy to draw a funny little face!

To suburban areas have become real recreational facilities, it is just necessary to provide and arbors for the garden or villa. The walls of the arbor can be built from racks, and the roof, the floor and the benches are made of boards.

You can do without walls. After all, summer cottages are designed only for summer warm weather. Therefore, perhaps for some it seems the best option arbor, consisting of a metal frame with a tarpaulin tent and curtains instead of the roof instead of the walls. In such a cozy tent, it's so nice to have a cup of aromatic tea or compote from fresh berries in the evening!

And it is possible and at all to equip a corner for tea drinking under the open sky. The mosaic "carpets" give special charm to such rest areas.

In general, spreading the mosaic is extremely interesting and exciting. Especially for this lesson you do not need to buy special materials. A variety of construction waste are used in the course.

For example, from broken ceramic tiles and fragments of colorful glass, you can make charming panels, which it is simply impossible not to envy. Such panels can decorate the walls of the cottage, paths, walls of outbuildings, and even barrels for water, standing in the middle of the plot and spoiling the view with their rusty sides.

In general, for a creative person, the dacha is the place of application of his imagination and ability. It would be only time, patience and desire.

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