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Virtuoso harmonists of Russia

In this material, the best harmonics of Russia will be presented. Let's start with Bulat Happoevich Gazdanov. In addition to being a harmonist, he is also a composer and conductor. He is a teacher, art director and chief conductor of the orchestra of folk instruments. He is awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia.

Pyotr Yeliseyevich Yemelyanov

Famous harmonics of Russia often come from St. Petersburg. In particular, this can be said about Petr Yeliseyevich Yemelyanov. It's about a virtuoso musician. He also performed songs of his own composition, was a reader-storyteller, dancer and balalaika.

Gennady D. Zavolokin

To consider the topic "Harmonists of Russia" without mentioning this person would be wrong. It is a question of a composer, bayanist and poet. He was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation. The most famous was the leader and the founder of the telecast "Play, the beloved accordion!".

Other musicians

There are other harmonics of Russia, which should also be known. Ivan Antonovich Pleshivtsev - composer, performer of folk songs. Sergei Leonidovich Smetanin is a harmonious virtuoso. He is also known as a composer of folk music.

Many harmonics of Russia perfectly master the instrument. These include Igor Vadimovich Shipkov. We are talking about a St. Petersburg musician, singer and composer. Laureate of the festival called "Baltika. Harmonica ", as well as the contest" Krasnaya Gorka ". He is a student of the project "Play, accordion!". Winner of the Alexander Nevsky Song Festival and an international competition titled "Peter and Paul Assemblies". A graduate of the Krupskaya Academy of Culture, which is located in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, thanks to the efforts of the musician, a center was created called "Play, Nevskaya Garmon!". He also began to broadcast Zavalinka. In the repertoire of this man more than sixty works, including "Russia", "Mama", "Winter Song".

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