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Kirill Turichenko: biography of a new member of the group "Ivanushki International"

Kirill Turichenko is a professional vocalist, participant of many Ukrainian and Russian competitions. Do you want to know how his career began? What is the family situation of Cyril? How did he get to the Ivanushki International group?

Kirill Turichenko: biography, childhood

He was born on January 13, 1983 in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. Cyril's father and mother have nothing to do with music and theater.

Our hero from early years showed creative abilities. He liked to draw, sing and dance to the music. At the age of twelve, the boy began to write poetry.

From 1989 to 1997 Kirill Turichenko attended secondary school number 82, located in Odessa. He had many friends and girlfriends. Then he was transferred to a specialized theater class at school # 37. The main coach of Cyril was Olga Sergeevna Kashneva. It was she who foretold him a brilliant career on stage. Behind the shoulders of our hero is training in a music school in the piano class.


In 1999, Cyril entered the South Ukrainian National University. Ushinsky. His choice fell on the music faculty (specialty "Art").

When did Kirill Turichenko first speak to the general public? Biography indicates that this happened in 1994. A bright and energetic boy from Ukraine came to Moscow and took part in the TV contest "Morning Star". His vocal data was highly appreciated by listeners and professional musicians. Then there were such projects as "Little stars" and "5 + 20". Parents were proud of the success of his son.

In 1999 the vocal quartet "KA2YU", which included Kirill, went to the all-Ukrainian festival "Black Sea Games". The guys were able to conquer the audience and win the first prize. Quartet was no less successful at another festival - "Tavriysky Games".


Music is not the only hobby of Cyril Turichenko. He always wanted to perform on the stage. And soon the guy had such an opportunity. Our hero was accepted into the troupe of the Musical Comedy Theater. Water (Odessa). In May 2002, he made his debut on the stage of this institution. Cyril brilliantly performed the main role in the rock opera "Romeo and Juliet". The audience applauded standing up. The best reward for the effort and effort is simply not found.

Solo career

In 2005, Kirill Turichenko decided to conquer the show business. He went to Moscow to realize his creative plans. A nice guy from Odessa participated in qualifying rounds of "5 stars" and "People's Artist". However, he could not get into these projects.

In 2006, the singer expressed a desire to represent Ukraine in the popular Eurovision Song Contest. But according to the results of the qualifying round held in Kiev, he took 2nd place.

During the solo career, Turichenko released one album "Crossing Fates" (2011). It included 13 compositions. In 2010, Cyril starred in clips for two songs - "Forgive me" and 4 Seasons of Love.

Ivanushki International

No special castings to participate in the famous group Cyril Turichenko (photo above) did not pass. In early 2013, on the phone with him, the producer of "Ivanushki" Igor Matvienko contacted. Then the group left Oleg Yakovlev. In search of the third soloist I. Matvienko revised dozens of video materials and card files of young singers from Russia and Ukraine. As a result, he opted for Turichenko. And Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov and Cyril Andreev finally approved his candidacy. The guys quickly found a common language with the young performer.

Kirill Turichenko: personal life

Brown-eyed brunette with a sweet face never had problems associated with a lack of female attention. And after the guy began to perform on stage, the number of his fans increased at times.

In the life of Cyril, there were several bright and beautiful relationships. He fell in love with a girl, won her heart and offered cohabitation. And every time everything repeated, as if in a vicious circle. Usually Cyril Turichenko himself left the girls. The reason is simple - feelings faded as quickly as they flared up. And only twice our hero was in the role of abandoned. In those minutes, he understood how painful it was to lose a loved one.

To date, the heart of the youngest soloist "Ivanushka" is free. He never was legally married. He also does not have any children. Therefore, the fans have every chance to win their idol.


Biography and personal life of Kirill Turichenko were discussed in detail in the article. Before us is a confident, talented and purposeful young man. We wish him creative success and good luck on the love front!

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