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Pilaf Azerbaijani is a recipe for all times

Many dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine have firmly entered the menu of almost all restaurants and cafes in the former Soviet republics. Plov, along with lyulya-kebab and shawarma, is very popular among the people. The main difference from the Uzbek pilaf is that Azerbaijani pilaf is prepared on a separate basis. That is, rice is prepared separately from the filler, which can be from meat, poultry, fruit, eggs. The very concept of "Azerbaijani pilaf" is much broader than a certain dish. It is prepared not only from rice, but also from any other cereal by its special technology.

Azerbaijani pilaf is a way of cooking from any cereal, it is not tied to a specific crop or filler, unlike Uzbek, which means only a dish of rice.

First, the rice is thoroughly washed in running water, then soaked for an hour. It is boiled until half-prepared in large quantities of salted water. The next step is interesting for its uniqueness. The inner surface of the dishes, in which rice is cooked, is covered with a thin layer of dough. Previously, the bottom of the cauldron (in another dish, pilaf is not boiled) pour 3-4 st. Spoons of melted butter.

In practice this is done in this way: roll out a large cake and put it into the cauldron so that it completely covers its inner surface. The dough for the flat cake is made from flour, salt, water, eggs and melted butter. The dough is well kneaded and rolled into a thin cake 3-4 mm thick.

Then it is heated with 150 grams of butter. Undercooked rice is washed more, only this time with boiling water.

Half the volume of all rice is put on a flat cake, watered with melted butter. Then report the rice completely, having its slide, and pour the remaining oil.

We put the cauldron on a very small fire, cover with a lid, and on top of the lid we put a towel, after 15 minutes open the lid and pour the saffron solution. It is done this way: they make a pinch of saffron with boiling water, and then a spoon of preheated melted butter is added to the tincture. The Azerbaijani pilaf continues to boil for another 15 minutes, it turns out that everything turns out to be 30. After half an hour, the cauldron is wrapped with something warm, so that the rice does not cool. First, white rice is laid out on the plate, and then yellow, with saffron. A cake, on which pilaf was cooked, is cut with rhombuses and served on a plate with a portion.

If you want to cook pilaf with meat, the recipe is as follows: lamb is cut into small pieces with pits. It is fried on its fat (you can add a couple of spoons of butter) in a separate frying pan on high heat. After 10 minutes, shift it into a cauldron with thick walls, add onions, pomegranate juice, raisins and cherry plum, half a glass of boiling water, reduce the fire to a weak one and stew for half an hour. The finished lamb is laid out in Fig. Served with pilaf with herbs, garlic, watercress and mint.

Iranian pilaf is prepared according to the same technology as Azeri: rice on cake is prepared separately, and filler is separately. Differences are observed in detail.

Above the rice is put a mixture of fried raisin oil raisins, almonds, carrots, pistachios, dried apricots, orange peel. Carrots are cut with straw, and orange peel is removed with a special scraper. And each component is roasted separately, and then everything is mixed.

In mutton, add turmeric, coriander and zir. Peaches are cut in half, squeezed a lemon on them and put on top of the meat.

Iranian pilaf, as well as Azerbaijani, is prepared not only from rice, but also from peas, barley, wheat, corn. The cooking technology is almost the same for all cereals.

In addition to lamb, the filler for Iranian pilaf can be chicken, fruits and even fish. Do not hesitate, experiment.

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