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Dishes from rice conquered our country in the last century. Now it is produced in the south of Russia. It fits perfectly with both meat and fish. Rice is prepared from rice, soups, salads, desserts, and famous Japanese sushi. Today I also decided to offer a few recipes, on them dishes from rice are prepared quickly and turn out delicious.

1) Rice with sausage. To make this simple dish, you need 400 grams of rice, 400 grams of semi-smoked sausage (preferably taken according to GOST, for example, "Krakow"), olive oil, 1 large onion, 1 sweet red pepper, a couple of garlic cloves, a bunch of fresh parsley.

Rice is washed and soaked in warm water for 20 minutes. While it is soaked, sausage is cleaned, cut into cubes and lightly fried in vegetable oil. Pepper we cut in strips, we pass garlic through the crush, we chop the onions and combine it all with sausage, pour a little water and stew for about 5 minutes. Boil rice in a large amount of water (no more than 10 minutes), drain the water and combine it with sausage. All mixed, salt to taste and sprinkle with parsley. Similar rice dishes can be served with sauce or a plain tomato paste. Rice can be substituted for spaghetti or pasta, but this is for those who do not mind experimenting.

2) Rice fried with chicken meat. This coterie was shared by my cousin. For cooking, we need 400 grams of rice, 20 grams of butter, 300 grams of chicken fillet, salt, a couple of eggs, 60 grams of ceps, a bunch of green onions, soy sauce to taste. In general, dishes from rice and chicken also combine well with different sauces, so you can use sauce here any.

Rice pre-washed and soaked in warm water. Then we boil it, drain the water and let the rice cool. Chicken fillet cut into small cubes and a little fry in butter. Mushrooms, shred and put to the chicken, salt and a little more fry. From the frying pan, the meat and mushrooms are laid out, we put boiled rice into it and fry until a brown shade is formed. Eggs beat up and fry them separately, stirring so that not just one scrambled eggs, but individual pieces. Rice, chicken, mushrooms, eggs all connect, pour sauce, sprinkle with spring onion and serve. Here such smart dishes from rice turn out, it is necessary to want to prepare only.

3) Oymuras. This dish is purely Japanese, I tried it in one local Japanese cafe. In appearance, the dish looks like a cake. For cooking, we need 150 grams of sausages (this is about 2 pieces, I made from "Milk"), medium-sized onions, 200 grams of rice, 2 eggs, ketchup or tomato sauce.

Sausages and onions finely chop, fry in vegetable oil. Rice boil and combine with sausages, mix everything thoroughly and fry a little. In a separate frying pan, fry the egg omelet. Put rice on a plate with a slide, cover it with an egg omelet and pour it with tomato sauce. Oimuras is ready.

In general, Japanese dishes from rice can be in the most unexpected combinations. But this is only for us they are unusual, and for the Japanese themselves - the usual diet. It should be noted that the Japanese themselves are ready to call the rice "Gohan", and they prepare it a little differently. Cook until the water itself evaporates, and we are accustomed to drain excess water. The Japanese think that with the broth all the flavor and aroma goes away, so the rice seems empty to us. In addition, they in the process of cooking add to the water various spices and spices, sometimes even rice vinegar. So we, the Europeans, should learn from the Japanese how to cook rice properly.

Another famous Japanese dish is sushi. The Japanese themselves call it sushi. This dish is made of rice, nori sheets (pressed algae), vegetables and various seafood. It is usually served with soy sauce and Japanese horseradish - "wasabi". So the Japanese cuisine is worth trying.

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