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Codes in Meincraft and their use

Today we will look at what codes in the "Maincraft" are and how to use them. Often on this phenomenon, users have an incorrect view. Many think that cheats give super strength, absolute immortality, powerful weapons or armor.

The necessary conditions

Codes in the "Maincrafter" are not capable of anything and require additional theoretical knowledge. For example, to use the commands described below in a server game environment, you need administrator privileges. To use similar tricks in single mode, you need to activate the function called "Enable cheat codes" during the creation of the map.

"Maynkraft": cheat codes and other tricks

So, we generate a new world, select additional parameters, switch the system to use commands. We go to the map. Open the chat. We enter one of the commands. Some codes in "Maynkraft" can be learned by entering the combination / help during the game. However, the list of proposed tricks will be incomplete. We will try to examine little-known teams. For example, the combination / time set changes the time of day in the game. The code / seed displays the "grain of the world". The / achievement command allows you to modify statistics and get achievements.

There are codes in "Maynkraft", with which you can protect yourself from enemies. In particular, the / xp command changes the number of health indicators or hearts of the main character or any player. The / kill code destroys the hero, even if it is wearing enchanted diamond armor. To set a global point for the appearance of players, enter the command / setworldspawn. Get any of the effects that are applied to the character potion, will help code / effect. To change the weather, enter / weather. For example, thanks to this combination, it's easy to cancel the rain. To set the boundaries of the world and disable the generation of terrain beyond the specified limits, enter / worldborder. You can give any player the necessary resource in any quantity. To do this, specify the command: / give [Nick] [ID of the required item].

The codes are used in "Maynkraft", allowing you to choose the game mode. At the heart of them lies the command / gamemode, to which one must add one of the numbers, optionally - 0,1,2,3. For example, to activate the creative mode, a unit is suitable. There is also a very curious code: / gamerule [parameter from the following] [true / false]. This combination allows you to make a number of fundamental changes.

Parameters of Gamerule

The showDeathMessages command displays a message about the death of a character. To record the actions of the administration of a particular resource in the logs, the logAdminCommands parameter is appropriate. DoFireTick code disables the destructive abilities of the fire. Saving the inventory in case of death gives the option to keepInventory. If desired, you can fix the preferred time of day. DoDaylightCycle does this.

There is also an important randomTickSpeed parameter. He is responsible for the ripening period of crops, in particular wheat, and others. Thanks to the mobGriefing rule, different creatures will not be able to damage buildings, as well as an au pair. The naturalRegeneration parameter is responsible for the regeneration of health. You can add a combination of false to it. In this case, health itself will not be regenerated.

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