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What is a deposit box? Should I rent a safe deposit box?

We continue to understand the popular banking services. In this article, the lease of deposit boxes will be considered. Also you can find answers to frequently asked questions and advice on the correct choice of a bank, which should be entrusted with its valuables for storage.

What it is?

Depository (deposit) cell is a safe, which is located in a bank vault. Often they look like ordinary boxes that are located in cabinets. In order to open them, you must have a special key, which is issued to the bank's client.

Deposit boxes in the bank come in different sizes, which affects the cost of providing the service: the more parameters, the more expensive the rent will be. Usually the total area of the cell has a minimum size of 0.007 m3.

What are they for?

Deposit boxes in a bank are a great way to store money, decorations, important documents and other valuables. Most often they are in demand from legal entities. After all, there are such contracts, contracts and other securities, which in any way need to be protected from theft or fraudulent changes. And given that banks do not check the values that are in the cells, storing something there is accompanied by complete confidentiality.

Also, the deposit box is often used by families who go to rest far from home, for example, abroad. It's no secret that the bulk of looting houses and apartments occurs at a time when the tenants are not in place. And very often, such tips are given to scammers by neighbors who know when no one is at home.

To protect and secure yourself during long trips, do not leave valuables at home. You can rent a cell in the bank, which will guarantee the full safety of the trusted property.

Popular manufacturers

It is necessary to choose a safe place to store your property. And if the bank uses unreliable safes, it will remove any possible doubts from the client.

For example, the Valberg deposit boxes, which are produced in Russia, are known for their positive characteristics and reliability. The front side is made mainly of high-strength metal with a thickness of 3 mm, and locks are used in German production, which indicates the high reliability of the final product.

You can also note Rosengrens safes. The deposit cells of this manufacturer from Sweden are recognized all over the world, are considered safe and qualitative.

To date, the popular safes of this manufacturer are those that are equipped with electronic locks and remote security systems.

Full privacy

The deposit bank is an excellent place where you can store confidential information or any values that you do not want to spread.

Neither the bank employee, nor the video cameras, nor the guards or ordinary visitors to the branch of the financial institution will recognize and will not have the opportunity to see what you will put in the safe.

Of course, this does not mean that it is possible to store substances prohibited by law or other items that are associated with violation of Russian legislation.

How do I use a cell?

Each bank uses its own procedures and rules of operation in one direction or another. But the sphere of rendering financial services is characterized by high healthy competition, which causes banks to adhere to certain rules.

When renting a safe, it will be necessary to sign a bank service agreement. It will specify the time, cost of rent, rights and obligations of the parties.

In total there are two keys from the cell. After signing the contract, the client is given one key. The second is in a special envelope with a seal. They use it only in cases where, on the orders of the court or control bodies, a search is necessary in the leased cell. But usually it does not reach this point.

When a client wants to put something or take it away from the safe, he comes to the appropriate branch of the bank. Together with him, a person who is responsible for the work of a financial institution in this direction descends into the vault. Each repository is protected by a password that only this person and the head of the department knows.

The client enters the open vault, gets out his cell and goes to a special room, in which there are no cameras and the ability to spy something from the side. After performing the necessary operations, the client returns the cell to its place, closing it with its own key.

What you need to remember by using a cell

As we already mentioned above, it is prohibited to use the depositary cell for criminal purposes. Also, you can not put food or other perishable products in a box.

It must be remembered that there are only two keys to the safe. Be careful not to store your copy in a place accessible to other people, since you can easily duplicate (in case of using a simple key).

In addition to documents and jewelry, it can also store money. The main benefit from this is that no one knows how much and in what currency you will save in the cell.

Is it a good service?

Since the deposit box can be of different sizes, the rental price will also differ. Also, a significant role is played by the banking institution itself, its authority and reputation, for which you sometimes have to pay extra.

The smallest deposit box will cost about 25-40 rubles for one day of rent. That is, prepare to give the bank about 1000 rubles for 1 month of using such a service.

The cells, whose height exceeds 20 cm, will cost 50-80 rubles per day. If you take a period of time equal to 1 month, then you will need to pay about 2000 rubles.

Above are the average prices offered by system banks that have a good reputation and high customer loyalty.

Choose a bank that can be trusted with the most valuable

Financial institutions differ among themselves in very different parameters. In the issue covered by this article, the most important is the bank's security system.

This moment is best worked out for those banks that have been working in Russia for a long time, rather than appeared a few months ago.

A few steps ahead are those institutions that have foreign capital. Serious financial groups, which are represented in several dozen countries around the world, have both technology and relevant international experience in protecting the property of their clients.

But no matter how systemic the bank was, the service is carried out at the expense of financial consultants. Their competence also depends a lot. Therefore, you need to focus on those institutions where the staff has the highest qualifications. This can be learned by reading the testimonials left by customers who have used the bank's services.

Pay attention to the storage itself. This place must necessarily be closed with a combination lock and be protected from gazes and visits of casual visitors and other onlookers.

Where else do deposit boxes work?

They are often used in the hospitality industry. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, all companies that provide such services are responsible for the safety of things and other property of their customers.

To avoid all sorts of situations associated with the theft of valuables, it is customary to use deposit boxes in a hotel. They are especially popular with those clients who live in a similar place for weeks and are forced to leave it from time to time.

A similar service can be found at some major stations, airports and other such places of a large crowd of people with luggage. But in such institutions, the reliability and safety of cells is much lower than in banks. Of course, there are exceptions, but in any case, always be careful and do not trust the safety of your property in places with a bad reputation.

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