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Interesting riddles about the Motherland

The motherland is a region of birth or origin. To explain to children the concept of home and the Fatherland is important from an early age. In this case, it is likely that a real patriot of his country will grow up, who knows and respects its history and its people. Calling children's interest is easiest in the game format. For example, many parents think of their offspring as riddles about the Motherland, thereby contributing to harmonious development in this area.

What is the Motherland?

For each person the concept of "Homeland" is unique. For someone it is a country in general, for someone - a town or a village in which a person was born, the third can consider the whole planet the homeland. Mysteries about the Motherland can be different and depend on the imagination of adults. For example:

"There is a giant house on the ground under the blue roof,
They live there sun, rain and snow, forest and river surf.
Live in it beasts and bushes, fervent ringing of a stream,
We live in that bright house, we and all our friends ... What is this? "(Motherland)

With children it is worth talking about this topic, talking about your opinion, but not imposing it - let them form their own understanding. As you mature, the wording of the answer to the question: "What is the Motherland?" - can change and become completely different from the parent.

What are the riddles

Mysteries about the Motherland for children are different. Kids can be asked questions about nature, for example about birches, spruce, rivers and lakes. Concepts and objects should be well known, so that the child can understand the riddle and find the right answer. For older age it is good to offer more complex questions. For example, what is the coat of arms, who governs the state, etc.:

"The most important city of the state,
At least some countries, even a kingdom.
Here the wit will do:
Here is Moscow, it is ... "(capital.)

In any case, before making a guess about the Motherland, it's worth making sure that the child knows and understands what they are talking about. If it is not so, you first need to tell and show.

When to play this game?

It is best to guess the riddles of the Motherland on a walk. You can draw the child's attention to the vast expanses, the blue sky, a birch tree or a beautiful house and ask a relevant question. With older children, you can play quizzes or organize competitions - who will guess more puzzles. Such a game form will help even young children understand the complex concepts of home, country, country, capital, etc. The most important thing is to make guesses about the Motherland, to awaken love for your home and for your country. This patriotism the growing up person will carry through all life. It is from such conversations that the formation of an adult personality begins.

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