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LCD "Soyuzny" (Odintsovo): reviews, description

Near Moscow is becoming more attractive to life. And for that there are many reasons. The distance from the capital is compensated by the infrastructure of the residential complex, as well as by transport accessibility. An important advantage in this case is the ecology - outside the city the air is much cleaner, it's really different here. Many residents of Moscow cities mark the silence and tranquility inherent in the new neighborhoods. And, of course, you can buy an apartment on favorable terms, especially if you invest your money in the construction phase.

A vivid example of a modern residential complex that meets all the quality standards set is the "Soyuzny" LCD (Odintsovo). Reviews of real residents will help to make an objective review and evaluate the conditions that the developer can offer to potential residents.

about the project

If you are not confused with accommodation in Odintsovo, for sure you will like the project presented by LLC "Stroitek." Eight-sectional house in 25 floors with an extension in the form of a comprehensive school - this LCD "Soyuzny" (Odintsovo). Five sections form the letter "P", due to which there is a closed home area - this feature has pleased many customers. Just imagine: due to this, it is possible to isolate the yard from the through traffic of cars, ensuring maximum safety for children playing on the site.

In addition, there will be excellent sports grounds, whole complexes. The adjacent territory will be landscaped with walking paths, flower beds, flower beds and recreation areas. Open parking, designed for 237 cars, will save you from difficulties with finding a free parking space. Currently, the first stage has been commissioned. As they testify about the reviews of the Soyuzny Housing Estate (Odintsovo), the second stage will end in mid-2018.


So, what do the residents and those who managed to visit the site say about the location of the Soyuzny liquid crystal display (Odintsovo). Address of the object: Odintsovo, st. Makovsky, d. 26, 26a.

The successful location of the complex is what many buyers mark. In the photo and general layout it is rather difficult to evaluate, so we strongly recommend that you visit the site and be convinced of all the benefits personally. So, for the construction of a new complex, an ecologically clean area was chosen. The uniqueness of natural landscapes, untouched woodland, the absence of harmful industries - excellent conditions for life. Here, in Odintsovo is the famous Meshchersky Park and the comfortable embankment of the Setun River - for the residents of the complex it has become a favorite place for walking and rest.


Let's evaluate the infrastructure of the LCD "Soyuzny" (Odintsovo) together. The photos show the spaciousness and comfort of the new complex. And all residents can use the developed infrastructure of the city. There are enough shopping and entertainment centers, shops, cinemas, restaurants and cafes. The mayor of the city pays much attention to the development of sports, as evidenced by the many sports grounds, the stadium and the Ice Palace, which allows to enjoy skating even in the warm season.

The developer appreciated the level of comfort provided by the city, and provided for the presence of missing objects on the territory of the complex. Inhabitants of the houses of the first stage note a good parking, even a ground-based, comprehensive school, in which the residents of the complex can easily arrange their children, as well as good shops, a branch of the bank and excellent recreation areas with lawn, pavilions and benches. And, of course, the main pride and a full-value attraction is the forest: it is literally just a stone's throw away.

Speaking about those shortcomings of the complex, which residents noticed, in the first place I want to focus on parking, or rather, its size. In practice, it barely holds the cars of the owners of apartments, and in fact the construction of the complex continues. The developer should pay special attention to this component, it is necessary to include additional parking spaces in the project or lay the construction of multi-level parking. Practically every modern family has a car, so the lack of parking can be a weighty argument against buying an apartment or a reason for doubt.

Transport accessibility

Some time ago, residential complexes even near Moscow were available only for those who have at least one car in their family. But for today this problem is solved. An exception is not the LCD "Soyuzny" (Odintsovo). Reviews of the residents of the complex confirm that it is in convenient transport accessibility from the capital. The nearest metro stations (metro station "Park Pobedy", metro station "Yugo-Zapadnaya", metro station "Kievskaya") every 10-15 minutes are sent by regular buses, only 1.5 km from the railway station "Odintsovo": from It's possible to get to the Belorussky railway station.This is what the builder promises: in fact, everything is really true: near the house there is a public transport stop, and to the railway station - only 10 minutes by a quiet pace.

Apartment planning

Apartments LCD "Soyuzny" (Odintsovo) impress with the variety of planning solutions. A special feature of the project was the euro-planning, providing for the unification of the kitchen and recreation area - an excellent option for young families who dream of living separately from their parents. The developer offered a choice of very small, affordable, but cozy apartments, and spacious rooms with an additional sanitary unit and a dressing room.

Price policy

Many people say that even negative reviews could not influence their choice. And all in large part thanks to very democratic prices for apartments located in houses. For such a complex, being built in an ecologically clean area and a city with developed infrastructure, the price is really democratic. Moreover, the developer can save money at the expense of shares and profitable offers. The cost of apartments starts from 2 700 000 rubles for 28 square meters.

Terms of purchase

A weighty argument in favor of the developer, respectively, the complex itself, is a variety of ways to pay for an apartment. So what can the developer of LCD "Soyuzny" (Odintsovo) offer? The feedback from the holders shows that if they are paid in cash, they get an additional discount. Due to cooperation with the largest banks it is possible to offer buyers favorable terms of mortgage lending. Well, the main gift for buyers was the opportunity to buy an apartment in installments. Many people prefer to buy apartments during the construction phase, when only the foundation is laid. This is a rather big risk, but the cost of an apartment is cheaper by 30-40%. In this case, the developer is proven, on his account dozens of successfully implemented projects, not only in the Moscow region, but also in Moscow itself.

Summing up

We tried to evaluate from all sides LCD "Soyuzny" (Odintsovo). Feedback from residents of the first phase of the project "helped" us in this. Undoubtedly, the project is not the most ideal, and its territory is quite small, which does not allow placing all the necessary infrastructure facilities. But the developed infrastructure of Odintsovo, the amazing ecology and the proximity to the forest belt have nevertheless done their job. At this point in time, almost all apartments in the complex are sold, so do not miss the opportunity to acquire comfortable accommodation in an excellent neighborhood near Moscow.

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