Rosgosstrakh Loss Settlement Center: insurance features

Car insurance is the main service, as it is necessary to compensate in the event of an accident. Rosgosstrakh provides such services. The company has earned the trust of many car owners. When an insured event occurs, it is necessary to apply to the center for the settlement of Rosgosstrakh's losses.

Advantages of insurance

Now auto insurance of OSAGO and CASCO, personal and property insurance is very in demand . The advantage of the company is that the state participates in financing activities. Because of this, working with the company is safe for customers.

Rosgosstrakh, which has entered the leading positions, regularly improves its services. The company offers its customers services on acceptable terms. It is the best by the criterion of "price-quality".

What does the center decide?

When an insured event occurs, the center for the settlement of losses of Rosgosstrakh carries out activities to fulfill obligations. The reason for this is the client's statement. At the end of the procedure, the policyholder is paid. It will be in that situation if the fact of the insured event is recognized.

In property insurance, the payment is called "reimbursement", and if it is a personal risk, then "compensation". The amount of payments is equal to the maximum amount of insurance or less than it, which is determined by the specific circumstances.

The Rosgosstrakh Loss Settlement Center can attract an independent intermediary or adjuster. This specialist defends the interests of both parties to make the deal honest.

Rules of consideration of the insured event

The center for the settlement of losses of Rosgosstrakh in considering the insured event takes into account all the nuances. If a liability or property policy is formalized, the compensation is compensated in a certain amount, which is written in the insurance contract. For many types of insurance compensation is possible for all losses. The stages of compensation for damage include:

  • Filing an application;
  • Notification of the applicant about the list of necessary documents;
  • Formation of the commission.

The Rosgosstrakh Loss Settlement Center performs the review of the situation. If a positive decision is taken, the client receives compensation. But it is possible and refusal to compensate for losses.

Principles of Loss Compensation for Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

In St. Petersburg, when an insured event occurs, you can go to the address: Lipovaya Alley, 9. Rosgosstrakh, whose loss adjustment center works professionally, usually hires an expert when considering issues of OSAGO. This is necessary so that there are no unreasonable refusals to pay compensation.

Involvement of independent experts to the procedure adds to the insurer certainty that the situation will be treated fairly. Many companies have such centers, but very far. Because of this, the procedure for compensation of damages is delayed.

Terms of filing a claim

For compensation to be paid, it is necessary to comply with the conditions. The claim is submitted in the following cases:

  • The number of participants in an accident is not more than 2;
  • No casualties;
  • An accident report was compiled.

Therefore, in all cases, the center for the settlement of Rosgosstrakh's damages pays compensation. Address in Moscow: Yuzhnoportovy 2 pr-d, d.16. Only if the event corresponds to the insured event, payments are made. And in some cases, customers lose money, as well as time, nerves.

Damage assessment

The procedure is necessary to establish the amount of payment to the insurer. Though it is possible to calculate this independently, but such information will not have legal force. Here you should contact the appraisal company.

After carrying out the measures, a report will be issued in which the amount of damage will be indicated. It is the basis for making a claim. In this case, the procedure for payment of compensation is not delayed.

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