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How to pass the exam, if you do not know anything? Do not panic ahead of time!

Even the best students, who do not look up from the books, are afraid of examinations. Before the event, they walk with blue circles under their eyes and scare everyone who gets caught with their own fear of the exam. And less academically successful people start to panic: if "botanists" are worried, what will happen to them? And even horoshisty sometimes tormented by the question, how to pass the exam, if you do not know anything. After all, everyone knows that there are tests that you do not want to prepare for, or perhaps you are very tired of the previous exam. What to do? Learning to take exams!

Arrow behind the arrow

Tips will help you only if you have at least a little time. If you are still at home, take textbooks (notes) and a sheet of paper, read a quick textbook and write out the key words, connecting them with an arrow. These microshells will not be useful in your original form, I do not advise taking them with you to the exam. But while you do them, the information in your head is structured, and you will not be afraid of even terms. The teacher usually sees very well that the student is familiar or not familiar with the basic concepts. Most teachers do not want to do the reps anyway, so they are satisfied with a satisfactory evaluation, if only the student even knows a little bit of the subject. So your superficial and literally nadergannyh this way knowledge will be enough for a credit rating.

Between the lines

How to pass an exam on tickets, if there is almost no time? It is worth printing out the questions so that they are on a separate sheet. If they are in your Word format, open the document in a text editor and increase the space between the rulers, and then send it to the printer. In these spaces you will write a short plan for your answer. That is, when you prepare quickly, looking through the textbook, write for each item of the ticket a plan of 3-4 points. This advice is useful not only for those wishing to learn how to pass the exam, if you do not know anything, but also quite familiar to large amounts of work excellent students.

On the benefits of a well-suspended language

If the upcoming exam is for humanitarian subjects, and the teacher does not have the habit of clinging to words, allowing to explain "in his own way," one can hope for general erudition and try to "swim" out of logical thinking. But before the test itself, it is advisable to review the textbooks in order not to confuse Hegel with Gogol.

Before the start

How to pass the exam, if you do not know anything? When you are already under the door, hang your ears and absorb everything that the "botanists" talk about. They often worry and ask tricky questions to each other, which are usually answered by the collective mind. You can write them down quietly. It often happens that a person gets the very question that was just discussed under the door. So do not go drinking coffee and complain less, but listen more.

How to pass the exam, if you do not know anything? Read the textbook or abstract and listen carefully under the door. And yet draw conclusions for the future and not bring the situation to the extreme, but simply more to study in the semester. And then you will not have to deal with the situation "I do not know anything" before the exam.

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