We study standard Windows programs

Today we will talk about what are the standard Windows programs. They include a number of applications. As a rule, they are installed on the computer together with the installation of the operating system. We'll look at some standard Windows XP programs. These include an integrated text editor, called WordPad, an electronic calculator, a graphic editor, Peint, etc.

In WordPad, the built-in insert menu allows you to activate tools that include a time field, dates, etc. in the document. A format menu allows you to set the desired font, as well as all other parameters. Go to the help menu, you call the help system.

Standard Windows programs include the popular editor Peint. With it, both novice inexperienced users and users who are with the computer on the "you" work. And this is not surprising. After all, it contains many useful functions that allow you to edit a graphic object, scale a picture, stretch and rotate an image, save them as wallpaper for your computer desktop, etc.

The application window of this graphics editor contains a command bar for the main menu. It is located at the top of the screen. On the left side you will find a toolbar with certain icons, with which you can create images. And at the bottom of the screen there is a color palette that allows you to choose the color of the picture or background.

A drawing is created in the special working area of this window. Using the toolbar, you can draw straight or curved lines, build different geometric shapes. Also at your disposal will be multiple tools that will allow you to draw your image in various ways. These are brushes of different shapes, pouring, sprayers with an adjustable "nozzle". Here you also have the ability to create even text fragments. In them you can change the font and style.

But in order for you to draw a more accurate drawing, and also draw the necessary small details, Paint allows you to edit each point (pixel) of your picture. To do this, you need to zoom in on the corresponding image fragment using the View / Zoom command. You will also have the opportunity to create your own shades, mixing the main colors of the palette. To do this, open the "Options" menu and select the "Change Palette" section there. You can rotate, stretch, invert the colors of some particular selection.

Also included in standard Windows programs is a calculator. With it, you can perform calculations in the same way as with a conventional calculator. There is an opportunity to expand the set of functions. This is done through the "View" menu. There it is necessary to change the standard mode to engineering.

Of course, this is not all standard Windows programs. This operating system has many other applications. True, not all of them are used by most common users. By the way, standard Windows 7 programs have been replenished with some new applications.

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