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Secondary school 9, Nizhny Tagil: description, program and reviews

School number 9 (Nizhny Tagil) is one of the oldest educational institutions of the Dzerzhinsky district. It was founded in 1935. During the war with the Nazis, the military hospital was located on the territory of the school.

Main areas of work

The pedagogical team of the school is a creative and friendly team, ready to implement any innovative programs. Average comprehensive school 9 in Nizhny Tagil is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the city. Many people try to give their children here. The development program, which is used by the 9th school (Nizhny Tagil), is aimed at developing the individual abilities of each schoolchild. It fully meets all the requirements and standards that are included in the new federal educational standards developed for modern general education institutions.

Parents' comments

Judging by the comments left by the moms and dads of the former graduates of this institution, the 9th school (Nizhny Tagil) provides quality knowledge. They allow young men and girls to enter the most prestigious universities in our country.

Reviews of schoolchildren

Today's students of the school speak with pride and respect about their teachers. Graduates of this institution are convinced that it is the 9th school (Nizhny Tagil) that is the place where they were able to fully realize their creative abilities.

Such reviews are understandable, because in this educational institution is implemented a program aimed at self-expression of pupils.

Its essence lies in real help to the child in self-development, self-improvement. The class teacher builds for each ward his individual educational pedagogical trajectory of development, movement according to which occurs according to a certain plan and algorithm. The leading idea in the work of teachers of this institution is a person-oriented approach to teaching and upbringing.

9th school (Nizhny Tagil) is proud of the achievements of its students in subject Olympiads, intellectual tournaments and games, conferences, sporting events.

Place in the ranking

The painstaking work carried out by the pedagogical staff of the school on the formation of a harmoniously developed personality gives its positive results. This school in the ranking of schools in Nizhny Tagil is not the last place.

Features of the modeled educational system

What features does school 9 (Nizhny Tagil) have? Ilyich, 12 - this is the address of this educational institution. The main points reflected in the OS development program are:

  • Individuality, manifested in the ability of students to self-improvement. Teachers create all the conditions for the favorable impact of the educational environment on the formation of a harmoniously developed personality, capable of socialization in modern society.
  • Self-expression and the manifestation of an individual's special qualities and abilities. To achieve the goals and objectives chosen as priority for the OS, special sub-programs have been developed aimed at the comprehensive development of children. Teachers conduct early diagnostics of giftedness, identify talented children, and deal with them on individual educational trajectories.

There is also a special direction in the development program concerning educational, research and project activities. In addition to school teachers, representatives of the higher school also act as mentors. Projects created within the framework of this educational institution are highly appreciated by representatives of business and the public.

Children together with teachers become winners and prizewinners of prestigious scientific competitions and conferences, owners of grants.

Thanks to the implementation of the subprogram "Professional self-determination", the children are exposed to a predisposition to certain types of professions, which helps them to make the right choice after the graduation from the school, to take their rightful place in modern society.

Work in the direction of "Creativity and success" is aimed at increasing the importance of the family, establishing the relationship between parents, children, students.

Patriotic education

A special place in the development program of an educational institution is assigned to the patriotic education of the younger generation. In the school there are patriotic clubs that specialize in forming a trembling attitude towards their historical roots among schoolchildren, nurturing a sense of pride for their small homeland. To coordinate activities with other organizations and institutions of the city, a special Network City (Nizhny Tagil) was developed. School 9 initiated such cooperation.

Modern education

Currently, the school is actively using innovative teaching methods. Teachers in their work use an electronic diary. 9 school (Nizhny Tagil), according to colleagues, is an innovative platform for the introduction of modern educational technologies in the educational and training process.

This educational institution creates a situation of success for students, a comfortable educational environment, subject-subject relations are activated.

Person-oriented training is introduced through the implementation of special targeted programs, through the system of additional education, a certain psychological support.


9 school of Nizhny Tagil is an excellent launching pad for innovation, the search for new progressive educational technologies and techniques. The professionalism of the pedagogical staff of the school is confirmed by the excellent performance of schoolchildren, the successful participation of teachers in pedagogical skills competitions. At present, all conditions for the harmonious development of schoolchildren are created in the school.

The guys are engaged in specialized offices equipped with modern computer equipment. For physical education in school there is a gym that meets all the requirements and sanitary standards.

Teachers of the 9th Nizhny Tagil school are constantly improving their professional skills by studying at special courses of advanced training. Each teacher has a paper or electronic portfolio in which he reflects his professional achievements, the successes of his pupils. Particular attention is paid here to the introduction of modern pedagogical innovations. Here, children who have serious problems with physical health are taught. To this end, the school has tested the "Accessible Environment" program and introduced a distance learning system in the framework of inclusive education.

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