A few simple ways to see the closed page "VKontakte"

Today, there are many different social networks, but perhaps the biggest love and popularity is probably "VKontakte." Statistics show that every third Internet user has a registered profile in this on-line service. Millions of people a day are browsing their own and other people's pages, talking with friends and relatives, making new acquaintances, playing various applications, watching movies, etc. But some people are more open to virtual communication, while others are on the contrary, they would like to see no information about them. Therefore, they try in every possible way to hide their page from prying eyes.

However, a person by nature is curious, and he, one way or another, will necessarily want to know how, for example, one of the former beloved is living. And if suddenly it turns out that the profile of the person he needs is not available, he will even want to see the closed page "VKontakte". And then a variety of methods of hacking and penetration into the "forbidden territory" can already be used.

If to you too passion as it wanted to look at an inaccessible page, we suggest to familiarize with several secrets. First, in order to view hidden pages, try using the user 's ID in the social network. This is automatically assigned to him by the resource a unique number, which can be seen in the browser line when you enter the page of this or that person. If you, for example, do not know how to look at the closed page "VKontakte" with photos of the user, do so: copy its browser ID from the browser line (copy only the numbers), then go to your own page and open the photos. Again, turn your eyes to the browser line: in the link that you see there, you need to delete the numbers of your ID and insert the copied identifier of who you need instead. After that, press Enter and see what you want. In exactly the same way as to look at the closed page "VKontakte", you can view all the other data hidden from prying eyes.

Also, to open a private data page, you can resort to using any of the programs designed to crack such accounts. For example, in the same social network above, there is an on-line spy. Having access to it by sending SMS to a short number, you can use it not only to enter the closed pages, but also read the correspondence that is on them, as well as see which of the users visited your profile.

Of course, everyone is curious about how to look at the closed page "VKontakte", but is it possible to somehow protect their data from hacking, restrict their viewing, prevent spam from sending from your account? In principle, it is possible, but still it is not a 100% guarantee, because those who wish to get into your personal space will always be found. First of all, try not to use too simple passwords. A person who sleeps and sees how to look at the closed page "VKontakte" will not be difficult to pick them up. Do not use data that is too easy to learn, such as a birthday or a phone number, etc., as passwords. Remember that the address of your email box along with the password is encrypted in a cookie, and it's very easy to steal knowledgeable citizens.

But the most optimal way to keep all information about yourself secret is to either not create an account at all, or not to spread in your profile the information that others should not see. The crackers have a thousand and one ways to look at the closed page "VKontakte", because this portal, like all the others, has its own "holes" and loopholes.

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