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Characteristics of Alyosha from the story "Childhood" Gorky: Alyosha Peshkov and other characters

In the story "Childhood" Maxim Gorky depicted his own image. The writer lost his father early and was forced to live in a family home, where there was a gloomy and bleak atmosphere. Grandfather was cruel, other relatives - greed and cowardice. In this situation, the personality of the classic Russian and Soviet literature was formed, but in this house he also found love and understanding. Characteristics of Alyosha from the story "Childhood" Gorky - the topic of this article.

From an early age, the writer has learned the harsh truth of life. The reality of the life of the Russian people tormented him throughout all the years. But still, even against the backdrop of an unsightly picture, he found something beautiful. Invincible faith in man led him in life and in creativity.


Before Alyosha got to the house of his relatives, he knew nothing about the violence. His grandfather - the mother's father - was a man not only cruel, but also extremely unfair. In fear, he kept the whole house. The children were punished here for any wrongdoing. And even if the child's guilt was not proven, he was severely beaten.

What is the characterization of Alyosha from the story "Childhood" by Gorky? Analyzing the actions of the boy, we can conclude that from relatives he was distinguished by the desire for justice and compassion for the grief of others. In the grandfather's house the atmosphere was soulless. The man and his experiences were not taken into account. Alyosha had every chance of becoming like one of the inhabitants of this gloomy dwelling. However, the injustice that he faced, resulted in the desire to fight for their rights, contributed to the development of better human qualities.

Grandfather was an outspoken tyrant. For any reason, he was furious. And over the years, it has become increasingly evolving in it greed, which in recent years has taken pathological forms. The man in this house had no value. Material values were above all. But, in spite of this, life alongside such people became for Alyosha Peshkov a good school of life.


Alyosha's description of Gorky's "Childhood" story would be incomplete without describing his attitude to this character. In the grandfather's house lived a blind master. And the uncles, possessing an extremely meager intellect, regularly made fun of him. The mockery of his blindness amused them. And their sons - Alyosha's cousins - quickly adopted a similar way of entertainment from their fathers. The protagonist of the novel Gorky not only did not imitate the adults in this unattractive affair, but from an early age began to understand how low his family behaves. He felt compassion for Grigory. Characterization of Alyosha from the story "Childhood" Gorky says that this hero possessed a beautiful noble soul, which was not crippled even in a dark unspiritual world.

Akulina Ivanovna

The author describes the grandmother as a "round, bighead, with big eyes and a funny nose." This woman almost replaced his mother and became a man, thanks to the kindness of which the boy's soul is not hardened. Akulina Ivanovna was a man of little education, but in her own way gifted. She told many tales and stories to her grandson. The propensity to use mythological plots and romantic motifs, which can be seen in Gorky's early works, perhaps, was laid down in the writer's childhood. In addition, this woman was of extraordinary artistic quality. "She did not dance, but as if she was telling something," the author recalls in his work. Life's difficulties were overcome by faith in God. And most importantly - my grandmother had courage and courage, as evidenced by the fragment in the story, which depicts a fire in the house of his grandfather.

Alyosha Peshkov is a personality, in the formation of which a special role was played by the struggle between good and evil. It did not have an open character. His wife did not respond to the cruelty and stupidity of her grandfather. But the boy, on the example of his grandmother, understood that it is possible to overcome evil only with love and kindness. Alyosha Peshkov for life has preserved the image of this woman in his heart.

Gypsy women

In his grandfather's house, besides his wife, sons and grandsons, Ivan lived - a foundling, for whose appearance he was given a characteristic nickname. He was handsome, black-haired, like a gypsy. In the house everyone treated him as something special. Surprisingly, but to the smallest detail remembered the Bitter childhood. The description of events in the story and people who influenced the formation of his inner world is proof of that. The image of the Gypsy is presented in the story rather brightly. It should be said that he received this nickname not only because of external data, but also for his propensity to steal. Yet, strangely enough, Alyosha loved him just for his honesty. Ivan was a sincere person and became a true friend of our hero during his stay in the house of his grandfather.

Good Deed

There was one more person who played an essential role in the formation of Alyosha's personality. It was a strange man nicknamed Good Case. He lived in a new house, which the grandfather acquired after the old one was burned, differed in learning and unselfishness. The boy liked to talk with him for a long time. And I was very upset when the Good Case was expelled from the house. In the book he called him one of the closest of an infinite number of strangers.

One of the main images in the work of the writer was Alyosha. Gorky "Childhood" wrote in adulthood. But the bright and vivid image of the boy's experiences indicates that the events of this period in the author's biography became decisive in life and writing activity.

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