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Effective exercises on wings

In pursuit of the ideal body, many pay attention to the latissimus muscles of their back, which have another name - "wings." Expensive gyms offer their services to increase them. But some people have the question: "Are there exercises for wings that can be performed at home with the help of available means, for example, dumbbells?". This article provides answers to many questions that arise both for beginners and experienced athletes.

Immediately warn those young people who are trying to immediately grab large, two-, and even six-kilogram dumbbells. Such weights are suitable for developed, inflated muscles. You will be able to do it, too, but before that, do lighter dumbbells.

Exercises on wings with dumbbells can be performed either standing or sitting, or lying down. It is advisable to use a narrow bench, which with success at home can replace several stools made nearby. Among additional equipment, prepare a small pillow or roller, as well as a small ball (a great option - a ball for tennis).

Exercise # 1

Lay down on the floor or on a prepared (or improvised) bench, pulling your bent legs to yourself. Hold the ball between your knees. It is necessary to follow during the exercise on the wings so that the ball does not fall out. The feet should be pressed against the floor all the time.

Raise your hands up, holding dumbbells in them. In this case, the back should be slightly arched. Raise your hands with weighting in the sides. Elbows should be slightly bent. If the exercises with dumbbells on the wings are performed on the bench, hands should be lowered as low as possible, so the extreme sections of the pectoral muscles will be well developed . Elbows do not straighten! Lowering the dumbbells down, take a deep breath, lifting - exhalation.

Exercise # 2

Stand up straight, slightly bending your knees. In your hands, keep dumbbells. Lift them to your chest, bending your elbows. Breeding hands widely in the sides should not be. When lifting your elbows, exhale, when lowering, inhale.

Exercise 3

Listing exercises on the wings, you should remember the most famous. To do this, you should take the dumbbell in your right hand, slightly bend the right leg. Left foot, bent at the knee, rest in a bench or stool. Lean on the bench with your left hand. Raise your right arm from the dumbbells to your chest. During this exercise, the wings should pay attention to the back - it should be straight, the head is raised, the look is directed forward or upward.

In addition to the exercises already listed, it should be recommended to perform regular pull-ups on the crossbar. They should be carried out by usual or wide grip. Push-ups are also an effective way to pump up wings. The result will be achieved if during push-ups put the feet on a chair or sofa, and put the palms on the floor. In this position, the latissimus muscles of the back are working hard.

Finally it is worth recalling that it is better to perform these exercises in a complex. In a week it is optimal to carry out 2-3 training sessions, after which you should definitely give your muscles time to recover and grow.

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