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Very useful and nutritious pumpkin soup puree

The oldest vegetable brought from South America, the pumpkin has many useful properties, due to the presence in its delicate yellow pulp of a variety of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body. Dishes made from pumpkins are very diverse and popular in the kitchens of the whole world. For example, a traditional European dish is pumpkin soup. And no Halloween celebration in America is complete without pumpkin soup.

In addition, Europeans cook pumpkin from pumpkin and often use vegetables as one of the ingredients of salads. And in Austria you can try pumpkin schnapps and even coffee. In Armenian cuisine, pumpkin is added to pilaf, stuffed and stewed with lentils. Uzbek cuisine will offer milk soup from a pumpkin, which is called shirshavak. And the Chinese call the pumpkin a queen of vegetables, although this may be just because of its impressive size.

Pumpkin soup is prepared very simply and has a delicate and delicate taste. This is a dietary dish, therefore it is useful for people who, due to any reasons, are forced to adhere to a diet.

To make pumpkin soup, you need to have one small pumpkin, a couple of small onions, several cloves of garlic, ground ginger, kukurma, as well as salt and pepper.

First you need to finely chop the onion and garlic and pass it in the sauté until softening, about five minutes, using olive oil for this.

Pumpkin, cut into pieces, it is necessary to put in a saucepan, adding a couple of glasses, pre-cooked chicken broth, and stew until cooked. This will take approximately 15 minutes. Then you should add a quarter teaspoon ground ginger and one tablespoon of kukurma. Then add salt, pepper to taste, mix thoroughly and drain excess water.

The ready-made pumpkin mass should be put in a blender and milled to a mashed state. After whipping again boil and let it brew for about fifteen minutes. Serving soup is recommended with cream and herbs, and sometimes the cream is also whipped in a blender.

As seasoning to such soup you can use any seasonings to your taste, experiment and add instead of ginger curry or nutmeg, believe me, it will turn out well.

Pumpkin cream soup with cream contains 216 kcal per serving. For a vegetable dish, this is a very high caloric value. If you use milk instead of cream, then pumpkin puree soup with cream will be less caloric.

You can also sprinkle the pumpkin cream soup, grated with hard cheese. If desired, the cheese, sliced, can be added at the end of cooking, then wait until it starts to melt and only then serve. For mono soup, choose different types of cheese and processed, including. In this regard, pumpkin soup with cheese can have different taste characteristics depending on the selected cheese. To make soup-puree pumpkin is often baked in the oven, in this case you get a soup with a more intense taste.

Pumpkin soup with cheese is successfully combined with croutons from white bread, fried in a toaster, meatballs, nuts or dumplings.

Very tasty it turns out soup-puree with a pumpkin and carrots. In this case, it is recommended to cook it not on broth, but on water with the addition of butter.

In addition, pumpkin puree soups are prepared with the addition of potatoes, zucchini and even apples. There are recipes of pumpkin soups with the addition of fish, often smoked, and various seafood. But, perhaps, the most piquant and unusual taste has a pumpkin soup with puree of white or red wine.

Pumpkin soups allegedly absorbed a variety of colors and aromas of autumn, so their taste is saturated, and the color is bright and sunny.

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