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Buckwheat soup: a recipe in 20 minutes

Buckwheat refers to one of the most nutritious foods for human health. A huge amount of trace elements, vitamins and proteins makes dishes made from buckwheat nutritious and very tasty. From buckwheat you can cook wonderful first dishes, gorgeous side dishes and even desserts. And soup of buckwheat - a special place in the menu of many people.

The nutritional value of buckwheat is second only to leguminous crops, buckwheat can successfully replace the meat in the human diet. Therefore, buckwheat soup is so useful , its recipe does not necessarily involve the use of meat broth, it is also possible to cook on the water.

Use buckwheat soup for a variety of their diet should be often - regular use of buckwheat has a positive effect on metabolic processes, blood circulation and stabilizes the work of the heart. The recipe does not contain specific ingredients, it is simple enough, and cooking does not take much time. Even those who do not favor this rump, eat buckwheat soup with pleasure.

If you plan to cook soup on meat, you need to boil broth, any meat - beef, mutton, poultry. It is advisable to take meat on a bone, the broth turns out tasty and rich. The broth is cooked until the meat is ready - from 0.5 to 1.5 hours, depending on the type of meat.

In the buckwheat soup, the recipe requires adding roast - so the carrots usually grate on a grater, finely chop the onions, after which they are fried in vegetable oil until the golden color of onion is formed. Pass for a long time is not necessary - 5-6 minutes is enough.

According to the broth's readiness, potatoes are added - the same amount as meat. It is desirable to cut potatoes not in circles, but in cubes. Allow the broth to boil.

While the soup with potatoes boils, you can sort and calcine buckwheat in a dry pan - so the croup will be more fragrant. Cereals should be less in weight than potatoes, twice.

After boiling the broth, the cooked buckwheat is filled and cooked for no more than 10 minutes on a small fire. When the buckwheat is almost cooked, add the roast, and then cook a few minutes until ready. Salt and add the spices in the buckwheat soup recipe recommends at the very end of the cooking. As a seasoning, you can use ready-made seasonings for soups or add individually the most favorite ingredients. Add the bay leaf carefully - in the company of buckwheat a large amount of laurushki can give soup bitterness.

You can not use meat, but cook on the water. Then the frying is done not on sunflower oil, but on bacon - otherwise it's the same buckwheat soup, the recipe remains unchanged. Soup on fried lard is common in the Southern regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

After the soup is ready, you can squeeze a few cloves of garlic into the pan - and the fragrance is fabulous, and good for your health. You can add greens to the soup - someone adds directly to the pan, someone - only in plates with soup. Lovers even put tomato paste.

In general, buckwheat soup is prepared and served almost everywhere the same way. But how to cook buckwheat soup and what you can add more, depends on the traditions of traditional cuisine in each region.

Buckwheat is very similar to pearl soup, the recipe is almost the same, except for one - pearl barley should be soaked for 15-20 minutes. Preparing a pearl bar a little longer. The most popular soup, which uses pearl barley - rassolnik.

One of the popular recipes of buckwheat soup in Europe is buckwheat soup with mushrooms. The difference from the one presented above - mushrooms and olive oil instead of vegetable. And the mushrooms are fried together with onions and carrots during the preparation of the roast.

Buckwheat soup is a fairly neutral dish - it can be offered with any second dishes. There are no known contraindications for buckwheat and soup from it.

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