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How to cook delicious soup from soup

Podisinovik - a mushroom, in many respects remarkable. Externally very spectacular, with an orange-red or reddish-brown, sometimes ivory or yellow smart hat, a sturdy stubby leg and a very tasty white flesh. Finding a family of boletus for mushroom pickers is always a joy. After all, the gifts of the forest are good in all dishes, from stewed fried to filling for pies. And what about a fragrant rich soup or soup from "forest products"! That's about them and will go into our article speech.

Broth-base of fresh mushrooms

So, on the agenda we have soup from the boletus. Cook it preferably from young mushrooms. Old, with large hats is better not to touch at all. As a rule, they are completely wormy. Of course, at home you can wash the mushroom, put it in salted water, and its inhabitants get out of the pulp. However, the traces of the vital activity of parasites are thus not removed. And soup from the boletus instead of usefulness will bring great harm. Therefore, we will observe the technique of mushroom safety! Qualitative copies of the gifts of the forest are well washed. You need 300-400 g of fresh mushrooms. Cut them into pieces of medium size. If the boletus are small, put whole into the pan. Or separate the hats from the legs and put them together. Pour them one and a half liter of necessarily cold water and put on a strong fire to boil. Then reduce the gas to a weak one and cook for about half an hour or 35 minutes, periodically removing the foam. After this, remove the mushrooms, and broth the broth. The base under the soup from the boletus is ready. Cut slices 4-5 potatoes, thin straws 1 carrot and 50 grams of parsley and celery. Put the vegetables in the broth, season with salt and cook until done. For about ten minutes before removing the pan from the fire, put the mushrooms back. Serving soup from the boletus to the table, season it with sour cream.

Filled broth

Mushroom soup from boletus will be more rich and rich in taste, if you add cereals. This type of mushroom is perfectly combined with pearl barley. How to cook a wonderful soup according to an old Russian recipe, you will now find out. You need 0.5 kg of boletus, 100-120 g of pearl barley, 1-2 carrots, 1 onion and 4 large potatoes. The chopped croup is needed in advance - for 4 hours - soak. Then rinse it and cook until half cooked. Separately, boil the prepared mushrooms, then take them out, cool and cut into slices. Broth the broth. In vegetable oil, fry the onion, chopped in half rings. Transfer into a broth a pearl barley, onion zazharku and small potatoes and carrots cut into small cubes. Cook until done. At the end, season with salt and pepper. Minutes for 5 before shutdown report to your mushroom soup from the boletus main ingredient - mushrooms. Is not it, great soup? Especially if you feed on the table sprinkle with her herbs of parsley or dill, of course, fresh!

Soup with mushrooms and toast

An excellent dish for dinner will be soup from the boletus, the recipe of which includes such a pleasant component as croutons. Ingredients of the food: fresh mushrooms 300 grams, wheat flour and a half tablespoons. It is seasoned with butter, about 60-65 grams, but it is possible and more, to taste. And also spices, fresh greens. Start cooking soup from boletus recipes with a toast. Slices of white bread with a thickness of 2 cm dry in the oven or fry in vegetable oil. Then break them into small pieces. Podisinoviki finely chop, put in boiling water, pre-salted, cook them half an hour. In a small amount of warm water, dilute the flour, only without lumps. Pour it into the soup, stir, continue to cook for another 10 minutes. Dosolite, if required. Remove the prepared soup from the plate and refill with oil. Pour over plates, put each toast, pepper, sprinkle with greens. Did you like the first? Still would!

Soup with mushrooms and egg

It is very easy and fast to cook the finest mushroom soup in the following way. Take half a kilogram of boletus, cut them into slices or random pieces. Chop the bunch of parsley. Mushrooms and greens in a frying pan in vegetable oil, put out for 15 minutes. Put on the taste of greens and salt. Separately, fry the spoon of flour in oil. In the pot, pour 3 liters of water, put chopped celery roots, parsley, carrots and cook until cooked. Season with roasted flour, add mushrooms, allow to leave another 20 minutes. At the very end, enter the egg in the soup, stirring, so that the yolk does not curl. Refuel with sour cream.

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