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Journey to the Sea of Marmara

Deciding to take a break from the routine work and a little diversify my life, I bought a ticket to Turkey. I was waiting for a trip to the Sea of Marmara with a visit to Istanbul, the Princes Islands and the thermal springs of Bursa. In general, the chocolate tan was provided to me.

Leaving the plane at the airport. Ataturk, I plunged into the amazing atmosphere of Turkey. Listening to the stories of tourists who visited this country, I never thought that I would like it here from the first minute of my stay. Very kind and sympathetic locals showed me how to get to the metro station, which directly from the airport took me to Istanbul.

I settled in the wonderful hotel Darkhill, which is located near the historic center of the city. After resting and having breakfast in a cozy restaurant on the roof of the hotel, from where, incidentally, a chic view of the city and the Sea of Marmara opens, I decided to explore the local sights and visit the beach.

Inspection I started with the Blue Mosque, the kind of which causes astonishment and delight. Also I visited the Cathedral of St. Sophia - the most significant structure in the city, Topkapi Palace towering above the Sea of Marmara, as well as the Suleiman Mosque.

The beach I chose was located in the Fenerbahce Bay area. A shallow and warm sea, a view of the Princes Islands and ships seeking to pass through the Bosporus, brought me into a state of euphoria. Having enjoyed the rays of the warm sun and the fresh sea air, I wanted to visit the islands.

The road to the Princes' Islands took me about 30 minutes. The whole way around me was the calm Marmara Sea. Turkey, to be more precise, its northwestern part, is washed by its waters, which are the natural boundary between Europe and Asia.

Travel to the islands began with a visit to the island of Kynylyada, then there were Burgazadas, and finally I got to Buyukad. This island is the largest in the archipelago. Resting from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul and combining the tour of the islands with a walk in a phaeton (in a horse-drawn carriage), I returned to the city late at night.

Knowing that the Marmara Sea is a region famous for its thermal springs, I decided to visit Bursa and try their therapeutic effect on myself. Relaxing in the hot thermal waters, I went to explore the local attractions. The most famous mosque of Bursa Ulu Jami is a monument of pre-Ottoman architecture and has 20 domes. Her beauty can be admired endlessly.

Visiting the museum of Turkish and Islamic art, as well as a walk through the historic part of the city did not leave me indifferent. The final stage of the tour of Bursa was a visit to the local market, where I tried the most delicious sweets in Turkey. All the way back to Istanbul I was accompanied by a light sea breeze and a lot of pleasant impressions.

Warm sea of Marmara with walks on ferries, sunny beaches and survey of coastal towns has turned my vacation into an unforgettable adventure, which I now really want to repeat. What will I do at the first opportunity!

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