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Do you know what you can do with disks yourself?

To clean the house of unnecessary trash (for example, from CDs), you just need to connect your imagination. And then boring garbage can magically turn into an original thing that will more than once please its master. About this, that can be made from disks with own hands, this article will tell.

Home accessories

The most common is the use of old unnecessary disks as stands for a cup of coffee or tea. Also, many coquette women have long been using them as a mirror, using their beautiful reflective ability. The crooks expand the circle of disc use. True, this requires a little work. When asked what they can do with their own hands, they answer: "Wall clocks, children's play-backs, photo frames that look great on the wall!" These skills do not require the skills of an excellent master. And if the disk is cut with scissors into random pieces and pasted with them the most usual things, you can give them a unique, even to some extent, fabulous appearance: pots of plastic buckets from mayonnaise, sugar bowl, napkin, casket from a cardboard box - all these Objects will become exclusive, attracting the eye. And what New Year Christmas decorations are created by the master with the help of compact discs! Just the eye can not be torn.

Crafts from CDs with their own hands

Funny fish can serve not only as a Christmas tree toy, but also as a suspension in the car. If instead of a loop to apply an elastic band glued to Velcro (usually such used as arrowheads in children's bows), then the fish will be fun swaying while riding, reminding the driver of the person who made it. Instead of a fish, you can make an owl by adding ears, a spout, paws, and half-wings from the quarters of another disc. And what can be done from disks with their own hands yet? Having tightened it with a cloth, you can sew on the front side of the loop for a pen or pencil, paste a miniature tear-off notebook, and decorate the remaining space with flowers, applique, embroidery. Such an accessory is very appropriate on the wall in the hallway or over a stationary telephone.

Roses made from discs with their own hands

This is a real masterpiece! Discs are cut using conventional scissors along the radius. Then the master will need tweezers and a candle. When heating the corner formed above the flame, cut it inwards with tweezers. The cut line itself is fused at the same time, the unevenness of the edge of the petal of the flower is created. Having made several blanks in this way, the master puts them on top of each other. To ensure that the blanks are successfully connected, one rule should be observed: each subsequent piece should be less concave, that is, larger in diameter. The inner crown is bent most of all - so that in the middle a compressed into the lump "bud" is formed.

Romantic lamps for meetings with loved ones

Speaking of what can be done from the discs with their own hands, we can not help but recall the lamps. Gluing them in the form of a cube, you need to put inside a piece of a chain of electric Christmas tree colorful lights. When the device is turned on, the light seeps through the apertures, is reflected in the discs themselves and creates a unique charm. And many use compact discs to perform original candlesticks. By the way, in this variant it is quite appropriate to use the method of making a rose by heating the disk described above. In the middle of the flower you will need to insert a candle, light it ... And a romantic evening can be the beginning of a new relationship: fresh, sublime and saturated with love.

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