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Mathias Fernandez - Chilean in Europe

Mathias Fernandez is a football player who managed to play in clubs of different countries of Europe, to play many matches for his native national team of Chile, and also he became one of those players on whose shoulders the difficult task of restoring the former glory of the legendary Italian "Milan" lay. However, everything in order.

In the "Milan" attacking midfielder moved only in the summer of 2016. Where did Matias Fernandez perform before that? What successes you managed to achieve?

Carier start

As you already knew, Mathias Fernandez is a Chilean player, and he started his career in Chile. At the age of ten, he joined the Football Academy of the club "Union", where he spent only two years before his talent was noticed by the largest Chilean club Kolo-Kolo. In 1998, a 12-year-old boy moved to the new academy, where he trained for six years, after which in 2004 he received his first professional contract. And as soon as he began to perform at a high level, he attracted the attention of European scouts. For two years Matoas Fernandes had 82 games in Kolo-Kolo and scored 37 goals, after which the inevitable happened - proposals from Europe showered on the young talent. Mathi chose the Spanish "Villarreal", which paid for him about nine million euros.

Flowering in the "Villarreal"

Mathias Fernandez - a footballer who did not immediately receive a place at the heart of the Spanish club, he had to try hard to succeed. In his first season he spent only twenty matches, scoring the only goal. But then things have gone better. In the next two seasons Mathi played in 58 games, scoring six goals. However, it was already clear that Villarreal was not his club, so after two and a half years of still quite promising 23-year-old midfielder signed the Portuguese Sporting, which had to pay for Fernandez almost three times less than the Chilean paid Spanish Club - three and a half million euros.

A new beginning in Sporting

In "Sporting" Fernandez played with new forces and began to show a completely different football. In the first season he spent 46 matches, in which he scored five goals. Only three seasons spent the player in the new club, and it was here that the closest thing to the conquest of his first European trophy, the Portuguese Cup, was Matias Fernandez. Statistics of his performances for Sporting is impressive: he played 113 games, scoring 19 goals, because here he played the closest to the attack (with the exception of Kolo-Kolo, where he played the drawn forward). But in 2012, the player decided to again change club registration, because "Fiorentina" offered him a place in the basis. Italian club Chilean cost only three million euros.

Performances for "Fiorentina"

In "Fiorentina" Mati spent most of the time - for four years, playing 131 matches and scoring seven goals. And again he failed to win a single trophy, and again he stopped a step away from the conquest of the cup, this time - the Cup of Italy. But four years later, a 30-year-old player was no longer needed so much by the club, so for 800 thousand euros he was leased to Milan.

Rent in Milan

To "Milan" Fernandez joined the summer of 2016, but still has not played a single match. The reason is that already at the end of August he was injured, from which he recovered only in October. Ahead of him still a long time to prove that he can benefit "Milan".

National team appearances

For the Chilean team, Fernandez played 72 games, scoring 14 goals. At the World Cup 2010, he played two matches, each of which received a yellow card, which is why he missed the third group match, and on 1/8 finals remained on the bench. That match the Chileans lost to the Brazilians. At the America's Cup in 2011, Mati came out only in one match, but in 2015, which became a triumph for the Chileans, he was on the field much more often. He took part in four games out of seven, including in the final. America's Cup 2016 Mati missed due to injury, and the last match of the national team in which he participated, is the qualifying game for the 2018 World Cup against the national team of Bolivia.

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