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Useful self-made car for your own hands

There is no limit to perfection. This statement is well known to everyone. And any car owner wants to make perfection out of his car. For many drivers, factory installations are not enough. They are eager to bring something of their own. What will distinguish them from the rest. But what if you do not want to buy what you want in the store? There is only one way out: you can not buy - do it yourself.

Self-made cars for cars with their own hands have recently become very popular. They improve the appearance of the machine, change some of the technical specifications or add nice additions to the options. Among all the variety of possible alterations, we offer several options.

Car wash

Let's start, perhaps, with the appearance. When the car is clean, its paint and varnish shines and sparkles. It's nice to look at this technique. Immediately there is a feeling that the owner is watching his car. But to ride in a car wash is not always obtained for various reasons. In such cases, self-help will come to the aid of the car. With your hands, you can collect a small sink, which can be used at any convenient time.

The following details are required for the manufacture of a sink:

  • Canister with two sinks;
  • Hose length of 2 m (suitable as for connecting a washing machine);
  • Watering gun with telescopic rod;
  • Choke;
  • A slide valve;
  • Rubber gasket (outer diameter 2.4 cm, inner diameter 1.5 cm);
  • coupling.

And now proceed:

  1. In the canister lid, make a hole. "Zolotnik" plaster sealant and insert it into the prepared hole in the lid. Let's dry.
  2. In the second lid, make a small hole with a feather drill. It is necessary for the coupling. The joint of the lid and the coupling is treated with a sealant and also allowed to dry.
  3. From the curved end of the filling hose, cut off the nut with the fastener. The mount is no longer needed. Apply the sealant to the nut and attach it to the back of the coupling. The hose with the cut side is connected with the nut of the quick-release fitting. Then the main choke is twisted, which also connects to the watering gun.
  4. From the second side of the hose into the nut we insert a rubber gasket. This will protect the system from air penetration. After this, the nut is screwed onto the quick-release fitting.

This is the process of making a self-made car for the car with their own hands is completed.

Seat Positioning

To update the interior can also come in handy homemade. Useful tools and handicrafts for cars can replace worn out parts, supplement the interior with lighting and do much more. Consider the option how to update the seats.

This will require a cloth. You can choose two colors - for the central part of the seats, the back part of the back is suitable beige leather (it will take about 4 m), and everything else will be black. Black skin needs about 3.5 m. The whole fabric needs to be duplicated (pasted) with a layer of foam rubber 0.5 cm. Foam rubber is glued with an iron. Due to this, it will be easier to work with him.

From the removed seats (so it is more convenient) we remove covers. We enumerate their individual parts. In order not to get confused, we put everything on paper. Also on paper, it is necessary to note the places of fastening of the spokes (they are on the reverse side of the covers). The spokes will then be inserted into new cases.

Next, we disassemble the skin for individual parts (we open the seams). Obtain the patterns of necessary elements. We lay them on the underside of the fabric (with the wrong side up, so that the mirror image of the details does not come out) on the thick paper (you can on the wallpaper) and circle around the perimeter. At the edges we leave allowances of 1 cm, which will go to the seams. Then all patterns are cut out and stitched (starting from the center). On the reverse side of any fabric we make pockets where the needles are inserted.

Having connected all the details, we get new covers. This process is done alternately for all seats. Having made such interesting and useful homemade car for your own hands, You can update the salon without contacting the service.

Renovation of the ceiling

You can also replace the roof panel on the ceiling with your own hands. Self-making for the car in this case it is necessary to begin with the removal of the ceiling. This can take quite a long time. Mounting in each case individually. There is nothing complicated, the main thing is to carefully examine everything and check that all the details remain intact.

When the ceiling panel is removed, the old fabric is removed from it. Preparing the material for the ceiling, you need to remember one important point: on the wrong side, it should have a small layer of foam. The fabric is glued with heat-resistant glue. When the glue dries, the panel can be re-installed on the ceiling. Do this in the reverse order.

"Angelic eyes"

It is quite possible to assemble electronic useful self-made cars for cars. For example, "angel eyes" will allow you to update the headlights of any car. For their manufacture you will need:

  • Plastic transparent sticks (can be from the blinds);
  • Resistors (220 Ohm);
  • Battery (9 V);
  • LEDs (3.5 V).

The process looks like this:

  1. On any metal jar, the same diameter with headlights, screw the pliers with a ring of plastic wand. To do this, it is heated a little.
  2. Then connect a pair of LED and resistor. Their performance is checked with a battery.
  3. To it connect one more light-emitting diode.
  4. On the frozen ring of a plastic wand we make deep incisions.
  5. We assemble the ring, attach the LEDs, connect.


Self-making for the car with their own hands to gather under the power of everyone. The main thing is to be confident in your abilities. A little information from our article, a little bit of my reasoning and thoughts, and everything will turn out. A car from this will only get better. And doubly pleased that it is done by yourself.

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