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External filter for aquarium

The aquarium is a kind of microcosm for aquatic inhabitants. And in order for their existence to be comfortable, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions, among which the importance of water filtration is assigned. An external filter for an aquarium is one of the necessary devices, thanks to which water becomes suitable for the life of aquarium fish.

What are the advantages of such a filter before its counterparts? First of all, it is convenient and practical. Unlike internal filters, the exterior is mounted outside the aquarium, which preserves its free space and aesthetic appearance. In addition, the replacement of filter elements does not require its dismantling. As for the quality of biofiltration, it is significantly higher than that of internal filters. An external filter for the aquarium is serviced once every six months. Internal filters are more demanding of themselves.

In specialized stores you can see various models of external filters for the aquarium. A few words about each of them.

The multisectional external filter resembles a box that has several sections, each with a specific type of filter element. Such filters are produced only for small aquariums.

A canister external filter produces all types of filtration. In its upper part there is a working pump, and at the bottom there is a compartment filled with various biomaterial, for example, ceramic granules, which contain useful bacteria that maintain biological balance in the aquarium.

The mechanical filter is located above the aquarium and is a box with holes filled with filter material. This option is considered to be the most effective. Moreover, there are external mechanical filters equipped with turbine pumps. They are characterized by higher performance.

Let's face it, it's possible to make an external filter for the aquarium with your own hands, which will significantly reduce your costs. To do this you will need two pipes of a sewer plastic pipe with a diameter of one hundred and ten millimeters (you can take one piece, but not more than sixty centimeters), two end plugs, a fitting that must match the diameter of the inlet from the pump, a crane of Mayevsky, a tap on the outlet pipe, The pump itself, the nuts and the FUM tape.

At the bottom of the pipe, make a hole under the union, which is prewired with a tape for a more tight connection. On the inside, tighten the union with a nut. From a conventional plastic bottle, cut out a kind of hood and drill holes in it. Subsequently, he will cover the entrance to the filter. From above, put a grid on it, which can be made from a CD, drill holes in it. On top of this improvised mesh, lay a layer of foam rubber, and then pour a ceramic biofilter. By the way, you can buy it at any pet store. It is desirable to make such layers a few. Pump also fasten with a fitting and a piece of reinforced hose. To avoid possible leaks, do not forget to seal all connections with a PCM tape.

The connection with the crane, as well as the Mayevsky cock and the hole for the pump outlet, is located at the top. To draw water from the aquarium use a glass tube, because it is practically not visible in the aquarium itself. The main thing - fix it on the back wall. This can be done using the most common sucker. The second tube, which will supply purified water, simply hang on the wall, slightly immersing it in water.

That's all, the self-made external filter for the aquarium is ready. Note that absolutely anyone can assemble it. And, most importantly, the savings in this case is obvious.

Whichever method you choose, that is, whether you will purchase an already prepared external filter for the aquarium or do it from improvised means, do not forget about the important function of this device. Thanks to him, the aquarium will establish a biological equilibrium, which is necessary for the normal life of its inhabitants.

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