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Mouse pad with a gel pad under the wrist

People who spend a long time at the computer every day, a mouse pad with a gel pillow will be very welcome. Due to the constant tension of the wrist, working at the computer after a while becomes uncomfortable and leads to a dangerous disease - tunnel syndrome. A soft pillow, which is equipped with a special mat, will get rid of these problems.

Value of the accessory

Mouse pad with a gel pillow is considered orthopedic and performs many functions simultaneously:

  • Removes static load from the hand;
  • Prevents pain in the wrist during prolonged use;
  • Provides a comfortable pastime at the computer;
  • Prevents tunnel syndrome of the wrist, contributing to the reduction of the central carpal nerve load.

People who do not imagine work and rest away from the computer, one day will inevitably face the problem of tunnel syndrome. Knowledge of how this disease starts and proceeds is necessary in order to notice the characteristic symptoms in a timely manner, or even better - to prevent their appearance at all.

How to come up with a mouse pad with a gel pillow

In the old days, a mouse carpet was needed to ensure the full interaction of the mouse ball with the working plane. Today, optical sensors successfully cope with work on any surface without exception, so for a while this accessory was irrelevant and not in demand. However, soon mats began to perform another task - to remove from the user's wrist static load while using a computer mouse. Computer mats, many companies began to supplement a textile pillow filled with gel. This small innovation has made it possible to significantly reduce the burden on the human wrist and make work on the computer safer and more comfortable.

Causes of Tunnel Wrist Syndrome

As a rule, people find out and begin to look for a mouse pad with a wrist cushion in their stores when they have the first symptoms of the disease, or the arm has become excessively tired from too much tension. But if a person is just interested in an unusual and convenient accessory, it is still superfluous to learn about the danger that arises from discomfort when working with a computer mouse.

In the carpal canal there is a nerve, and when it is pinched, painful sensations appear in the wrist. Static loading arises because of the large number of monotonous movements and uncomfortable position of the hand. With long-term action on the same muscles, such a load creates conditions for pinching the nerve. To create comfort, you need to have such an accessory for work, like a mouse pad with a silicone cushion that will prevent the appearance of symptoms of this disease. If the disease is started, then the attempt of a person with a syndrome to lift a heavy object provokes pain, and the thing itself will fall out of hand. A person suffering from jamming, for example, can not communicate for a long time, holding a telephone receiver, reading a book, holding it in his hands, driving a car for more than 15 minutes.

Symptoms of the disease

There are three stages of the wrist syndrome, each of which has certain symptoms:

  1. There is a shiver and tingling in the fingers. Often, users do not notice the connection between the appearance of the first unpleasant sensations and work on the computer.
  2. There is a feeling of heaviness, fingers grow numb, my arm hurts. Violated the sensitivity of the wrist, fingers lose mobility, there may be edema and cramps in the wrist.
  3. The triggered disease in the last stage leads to atrophy of the muscles of the fingers. It is impossible to tighten the hand in a fist, since the thumb does not bend. Stop to obey the hands and fingers.

Prevention of the syndrome

If a person can not completely refuse or significantly shorten the duration of work or leisure activities on the network, then it's time to remember about prevention. Avoid the tunnel syndrome will help the competent equipment of the workplace. Comfortable furniture and the right accessories are the guarantee of the health of a person who spends hours at the monitor. Mouse pad with a cushion under the wrist was coined for this purpose. Thanks to this approach, you can avoid almost any health problems that occur with a person spending a lot of time at the computer. One of the main rules of prevention of the syndrome is the elimination of the appearance of tension in the wrist.

Variety of models

Today in the market you can find any mouse mats with a gel pillow. A girl or a man, an office worker or an experienced gamer - everyone will find a suitable model for him. It can be chosen, guided by a variety of desires: a beautiful color, ideally suited to the interior, original design, comfortable shape, repeating the trajectory of the mouse and much more. Variants with the use of patented innovative technologies for fans of all the newest, technological, also enough.

Mouse pad with gel pillow Fellowes, for example, is made with ergonomic needs and is designed to reduce the burden on the hand, fingers and palm for prolonged use. A non-slip base eliminates the annoying fidgeting of the carpet on the working plane. Fellowes has also developed an additional keyboard pad that, like a mouse pad, guarantees comfortable work by holding the hand in a natural position. The rug and gel pillow "with memory" retain the most comfortable position of the owner's hand, protect his temperature, normalizing blood circulation. A carpet with a rotating gel filling maintains the wrist and facilitates the movement of the arm that controls the mouse, without tension. The original color and shape of the orthopedic accessory for the mouse will decorate the work desk and create a festive or romantic atmosphere, depending on the choice of model.

User Reviews

The network has a lot of positive feedback, detailing the advantages of this accessory. Most users of a mouse pad with a gel pillow fell so much that they enjoy a useful acquisition for many years. The demand for these products does not decrease. Quintessence of positive responses:

  • Durability: enough brushes and soap to bring the accessory in order;
  • Reliability: the mat serves the majority, left the reviews, at least three years;
  • Convenience: the hand does not become numb, numbness and other symptoms of prolonged presence at the computer are absent;
  • Pleases design: models are created taking into account the interests of users, for example, mouse mats with an anime gel cushion, models for men in the form of a female breast, models for children in the form of animals.

Negative comments were made by users who could not get used to the innovation. The gel stand interfered with them in the games, and they advised it only to those who are used to the reduced sensitivity of the mouse. Gamers should take a particularly cautious approach to choosing a mouse with a gel pillow, so that it harmoniously approaches the physiological characteristics and does not become a hindrance in active use. For them special models are created that take into account the specifics of hobbies.


It does not matter if you notice the first alarming symptoms, or maybe just want to buy or get a new modern accessory as a gift, make a choice in favor of comfort and safety! Modern people spend too much time at the computer to allow themselves to be carefree about safety measures.

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