What can I talk to the guy on the first date.

You met a nice young man and received an invitation to the cinema, theater, cafe ... The first thing a girl begins to think about in this case is what to wear, what haircut to make to like him. A beautiful dress, new shoes, a pedicure and a manicure are necessary, but not decisive. They create only an external impression. If you want the first date is not the last one, it will not be superfluous to think about what you can talk about with a guy at a meeting.

Topics for conversation with an unfamiliar person are quite diverse, but there are certain rules. When starting a conversation, be guided first of all by the sense of tact. Do not arrange interlocutor interrogation with addiction, it's very few people like. Questions about the salary, the size of the living space or the brand of the car may not seem correct. But to talk about work, family (mom, dad, sisters, brothers) or pets is quite acceptable. By the way, the last topic is absolutely inexhaustible, even if neither the cats nor the dogs have ever had you either. Surely, you dreamed of having them or living creatures are found in friends-friends. Tell a couple of funny stories from animal life, an anecdote on this topic.

I would like to add that humor is a win-win option for any conversation. However, do not descend to vulgarity, or, silly giggling, retell "bearded" stories. On a date, you did not appear in the role of a clown or massovik-entertainer and all evening entertain the interlocutor with jokes is not necessary.

Choosing topics that you can talk to a guy on the first date, keep in mind that he also tries to make a favorable impression on you. Give him this opportunity, talk about what he understands well. Traditionally, men's themes: sports, technology, weapons, politics. However, if you understand this no less than the interlocutor, do not need to show it to him.

If a young man likes you, try not to show all your intellectual potential. This does not mean that you need to pretend to be a fool, but choosing what you can talk to a guy, leave out complicated topics.
Among men, there are very few people who understand the poetry of the Silver Age, painting or theater. If you are not 100% sure that your new friend is among them, do not rush to quote little-known authors or talk about a new premiere. Men (and not only them) perceive this behavior as a demonstration of superiority.

Now you know what you can talk about with a guy, it remains to delineate a circle of topics that it is better not to touch on the first date.

Do not need to remember with a new acquaintance about your former fans. Tirades "we with my ex happened here often" leave for girlfriends. Ask the young man about the girls who were before you, too early. A young man may find this unceremonious. Talk about serious problems on the first date is not desirable, the guy most likely will decide that they will have to solve them.

It is not necessary at the first meeting to show pessimistic moods or radical views. After all, you do not want to get the reputation of an inadequate person?

Psychologists advise on the first date to talk less and listen more. In many respects they are right. After all, in this way you have the opportunity not only to make a good impression, but also to get to know a young man better. However, here too there are nuances. As you know, the representatives of the stronger sex are not very talkative. What a sin to conceal, many of them and a minute monologue is beyond the power, even if you have to talk about yourself loved. To avoid embarrassing situations, keep the situation under control, supporting the conversation and gently guiding it in the right direction.

I must say that the question of what topics can be talked with a guy arises in couples who meet relatively recently. In this case, you can advise you to spend more time together. Go on a hike, at the premiere of a film or an exhibition of fashionable artists. Once you have common interests, topics for conversation will arise by themselves.

Any girl knows that her prince can be met at any time.
And if a beautiful stranger offered to take you home, it is a sin not to use that chance. Let's see what you can talk about with a guy in this case, to interest him. Try to be natural and immediate. The first conversation does not oblige. It may just be a simple pleasant chatter. The English have a saying: "You do not know what to talk about, talk about the weather." Take advantage of the most polite nation's experience in the world.

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