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The most successful films

Everybody likes to watch movies. Everyone likes his genre: some like insurgents, some people have fantasy or horror, and some people have comedies. All these genres are united by actors and idea. At different times there were films of different budgets and different quality. But, despite the limited funds, they also had success. This article presents the top 5 most successful films that have already been released in the rental.

Each film has its own characteristics:

  • Budget
  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Studio filming

And much more. Of course, you can watch movies for free in good quality online, if the viewer suddenly could not see his favorite film at the box office. So, let's start rating.


This film is the most successful horror film. It was this horror film that gathered the largest audience among all the horror films. The film itself was filmed in 2013. Reviews from film critics turned out to be ambiguous. Some critics and spectators claimed that this is one of the most successful films of their genre. Others, repeated the opposite, that the film did not work. Anyway, the horror film could not leave anyone indifferent. A lot of special effects, a fascinating plot and an unusual outcome with an unexpected conclusion. All this can be seen if you look at the "Enchantment". In general, worthy of the fifth place.

Legend number 17

Not so often, Russian cinema can remove something worthwhile. But Nikolai Lebedev's Legend No. 17 shocked the whole of Russia with his unusual sports genre. The film was released in 2013. Sports films were not so popular, but this sports drama blew up the public. Many are still very positive about the legend, calling it the best Russian film in history. Deserved fourth place in the top.


The third place in the rating of the most successful films is taken by the fantastic action film "Transformers". According to many viewers, the first part turned out to be creative and most successful than other parts. This is the most rating film, filmed in 2007 and collected the most large-scale collections. Thanks to this successful first film, "transformers" became a world epic. There are already 4 parts, and this is not the limit. "Transformers" is the bronze medalist of the rating of the most successful films.

Terminator -2. Judgment Day

Terminator is the great era of a television movie. Terminator - this is the most successful action movie. The fame of the era of the terminator was brought by his second part, the "judgment day". "Terminator. Judgment Day "was published in 1991. Revenues of this film at times exceeded the cost of it. And the director James Cameron made one of the best directors of all time. Special effects were applied the most inexpensive, and as the director says, now he would have used quite different special effects. Terminator-2. Judgment Day "is still very popular. This film is rightly considered a classics of militants. Very confident second place.


The most successful film of all time is James Cameron's Titanic. The film was filmed in 1997. This film caused a storm of discussion. "Titanic" has become a real drama-catastrophe. The film received many awards, this film is considered one of the best films of the last century. The actors very professionally conveyed the mood that was at the time of the ship's wreck. The film still receives awards. Deserved and unconditional first place.


Thus, "Titanic", according to many film critics and viewers, is the most successful film. Many films are released every month, but they can not eclipse this masterpiece yet. While you should enjoy this masterpiece, reviewing it and enjoying the characters of this film.

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