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Gabriella Mariani: biography, best roles

Gabriella Mariani first made herself speak in the late 90's, when the screen came the drama of Vladimir Popkov "Countess de Monsoro." The actress impressed everyone with her femininity and almost perfect facial features. But it was almost the only truly famous project in Gabriella's work. How did her fate develop in the future?

early years

Gabriella was born in the Moldavian SSR, in a small town. Not everything worked out well in the life of the girl in the early stages: the father left the family and almost did not help, the mother, who wanted to make Gabriella "person", loaded the girl with her studies and additional studies at the music school.

Surprisingly, Gabriella Mariani, whose growth already in her teens was quite high, considered herself at school a real ugly duckling. The actress admits that she wore shapeless clothes and glasses, was too thin and did not know how to beautifully brush her chic hair.

When the girl was going to enter the theater, the mother took this news with a grain of skepticism. But Gabriella got courage and left for Moscow. After a while she became a student at the Shchukin school.

The first works in the cinema

In 1990 she began her screen career Gabriella Mariani. Films "Live Target" and "Babnik-2" were the first works that supplemented the filmography of the girl. The time was not easy, so the artistic value of the films is silent. In "Live Target", the actress played the episodic role of a nurse, and director Ivan Schegolev entrusted the role of an interpreter named Victoria to Gabrielle in her film "Babnik-2".

Mariani always had an extraordinary appearance, so it's easy to guess which roles she was usually assigned: beauties, maidens of easy virtue, etc. In 1993, director Alexander Kosarev began filming the detective "Hostages of the Devil", in which he invited a pretty decent cast: Natalia Gundareva, Peter Velyaminov, Mikhail Gluzsky, Alexander Pankratov-Black. Gabriella played in this project a girl with the enigmatic name of Evnika.

Then there were two more insignificant films: "Letters to a past life" and "Funeral of rats". And in 1997, the girl first won a major role.

Gabriella Mariani: filmography. Countess de Monsoro

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the famous actor Sergei Zhigunov created his own production company and started shooting historical films. Zhigunov is a great admirer of Dumas's works, so the first screen version was made based on his work "Queen Margo". Half of the cast of this project migrated to the new film Zhigunova - Countess de Monsoro.

In the center of the touching story of the film "The Countess de Monsoreau" is the story of two young lovers who are unfolding amidst palace and political intrigues. The performer of the main male role was known in advance - he was Alexander Domogarov. But the screen girlfriend for a long time could not find him.

Gabriella Mariani got to the casting project by accident. She passed in the next pavilion of the test for a role in another film. But the assistant director Vladimir Popkova noticed the girl and immediately led to the casting of the historical series, which the Zhigunov produced.

True, for some reason, the voice of the heroine Mariani decided to give another girl with a higher voice timbre. And, it must be said, the invited actress handled this task not very well: if Gabriella did not have an exceptional appearance, the image of the main character could be considered a failure.

Recent work of the actress

Gabriella Mariani did not make a stunning career. "Countess de Monsoro" - the only more or less noticeable project with the participation of the actress.

In 2003, the soap opera "Undina" was launched on the "Russia-1" TV channel. In this project, Mariani became the bitch of a rich businessman. Together with her son, Elizaveta Gladieva kept plotting against the main character in the performance of Julia Pozhidaeva.

In 2004, began shooting the second season of the series, and Gabriella again returned to the set of "Undiny."

In 2006, the project "Alias" Alias "with the participation of Alexander Dediushko and Svetlana Khodchenkova was very popular. In this story, Mariani was assigned the role of a certain Mary Sanchez.

The actress also played the main role in the multi-part film "Tango threesome". This tape was filmed in conjunction with the Argentine TV channel Telefe. Mariani sang the role of the wife of a prominent Russian scientist who went to work in Argentina and disappeared without a trace. Not believing in his death, the heroine of Mariani flies into an unfamiliar country to find her husband there.

Also, the artist can be seen in such films as "The Quest for Evidence", "The Mistress of the Taiga" and "The Mistress of the Big City".

Personal life

In 1999, Gabriella Mariani married the director, as is usually the case with beautiful actresses. A few years later, the couple had a son, who was named Alexander.

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