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The best phones of 2013 in different categories

Within the framework of this article, the best phones of the past year will be considered in the following categories:

  • First level.
  • With a QWERTY keyboard.
  • Touch screen.
  • Metal housing.

First level

The brand Fly recently made a significant leap in the mobile phone market. Therefore, it is not surprising that the best phones came from her. First of all, this DS106 is the best entry-level model. On the background of the Nokia model 105, it is supported by two SIM cards. And in comparison with the TM-D107 from TeXet in favor of this phone says the presence of the camera. Although it is the most modest - VGA, but it is. At the same time, the price of all these mobile phones is almost identical. Therefore, they need to be compared according to the technical characteristics, which the DS106 has the best.

QWERTY keyboard

In this category of mobile phones, Nokia is beyond competition. Only her models are represented in this segment, and they all belong to the Asha line. The best phones here are 205, 210 and 302. It is the latter of the models that stands out with the best technical characteristics, so it can be safely recommended for purchase. The only negative is the overpriced. It costs twice as much as the other two models. But at the same time it has more memory (256 MB versus 32 MB), the camera is better (3.2 MP versus 0.3 MP), there is support for third generation networks. All this makes "Asha-302" the best in this niche.

Touch screen

Now we will look at the best phones with a touch screen and choose the best among them. In this segment there are now three leaders: S5292 from Samsung, T370 from LG and Asha 501 from Nokia. Since the determining factors for this type of apparatus are the diagonal and the screen resolution, it is necessary to compare precisely with these characteristics. And then the leader is one - this is S5292. The screen has a diagonal of 3.5 inches, and the resolution of the display is 320 pixels wide by 480 pixels in length. These two indicators make the mobile phone from Samsung the undisputed leader of this segment.

Metal housing

The best mobile phone of 2013 among devices with a metal case is the Nokia-515. She has practically no competitors. Samsung's C3322 is already out of date, and it's hard for him to oppose the Finnish model. The camera is better (5 megapixel versus 2 megapixel), more memory (256 MB versus 46 MB), the screen diagonal is larger (2.4 inches vs. 2.2). These are just the main characteristics, and this list can be continued. The only drawback of Nokia-515 is the inflated price. But this mobile phone by the manufacturer is positioned as a landmark decision. Hence the price of 170 USD. But in any case, this phone is worth it to buy it. It will emphasize your status - for the elite. And the quality of this mobile phone is beyond competition. This phone will last more than one year, and its quality will not disappoint you. Superfluous to that acknowledgment - Nokia-6300 which to this day are actively maintained and do not break. A 515 is based on it and is made.

Let's sum up the results

Within the framework of this article, the most popular models of mobile phones in 4 categories were described: entry level, with QWERTY-keyboard, touch screen and metal case. By analyzing their technical characteristics, the answer was given to which is the best phone of 2013 in each of them. It is the selected mobile phones and can be recommended for purchase. In some cases, they have overstated the price, but the parameters are much better, which completely compensates for the invested funds.

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