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Oleksa Storozhenko: Biography and Creativity

The flourishing of the creative work of the Ukrainian writer Storozhenko Alexei Petrovich (1806-1874) falls on the 50th years of the XIX century, precisely on the most contradictory and critical period when struggle against serfdom was everywhere, and under this yoke the correct revolutionary theory was born. As a result, the society approached the abolition of serfdom, reforms in the social and economic sphere began to be carried out. The cultural and artistic life of the whole Russian Empire is reviving, among many nations, including Ukraine.

Oleksa Storozhenko

At this very time of awakening, the name of A. Storozhenko appears on the horizon of the Ukrainian literary arena, which was already noticed by stories, essays and the play "Garkusha" in the print publishing house "Osnova". However, the tsarist repressive measures that were directed, including on Ukrainian literature, soon forced Storzhenko to calm down. Only sometimes he allowed himself to write, but only in Russian. At that time, reactionary figures of the Jewish society "Zion" began to accuse the leaders of the Ukrainian cultural movement of intentions to separate Ukraine from the Russian Empire. Therefore, Oleksa Storozhenko published only two chapters from the novel "Marco Damned" (Pravda, Lviv, 1970).

Exam of Life

But, however that may be, the talented Ukrainian writer and prose writer stood the test of time. He did not lose his creative skills, fueled by popular speech and sparkling humor in the traditions of such meters as N. Gogol and G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko. In his works, the Ukrainian folk way of life of peasants, customs and beliefs, woven with the history of the heroic struggle of Zaporozhye Cossacks with foreign invaders, are very brightly and organically depicted.

Such features of the gift of Oleks Storozhenko and gave such a special identity in his works, which sometimes provoked very contradictory opinions of critics, that did not prevent him from standing out from the whole mass of Ukrainian writers and occupying his niche.

Biography of Oleksa Storozhenko

The writer was born in the village of Lesogory Borznyansky Uyezd (Chernigovshchina) on November 24, 1806 in the family of a petty landowner Pyotr Danilovich Storozhenko, who was a retired Russian officer who participated in the Russo-Turkish wars, whose pedigree roots go back to the old Cossack race.

His childhood spent in Oleksa in Poltava. At first the boy was trained at home, then in a "noble boarding school" at the provincial gymnasium of the city of Kharkov. A very impressive impression was made on him by a meeting with Nikolai Gogol, who also contributed to the formation of a young man's aesthetic tastes and artistic talent. He described all the details of this event in his literary work "Recollection." He presented Gogol's image very expressively and vividly, because he was still a pupil of the Nezhin High School.

Officer's Life

Alexei Petrovich Storozhenko spent thirteen years in military service. Since 1824, he has made a career path from a non-commissioned officer to a lieutenant in the dragoon regiment, then became a senior officer of the staff of the cavalry corps.

Biography of Oleksa Storozhenko points out that he traveled a lot in the south of Ukraine with official errands. And, thanks to this, well studied peasant life. From people, he heard a lot of amazing stories and legends about the Zaporozhye Sich. This collected material became the basis of his future works.

The writer had to participate in the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829, in suppressing the insurrection of the Poles in 1831, in the campaign against Hungary in 1849, where he received a concussion.

From 1850 to 1863 Oleksa Storozhenko was in the service on special assignments of the Kiev Governor General Bibikov. He often traveled and traveled on various investigative matters. This work captures him and was particularly pleased when he managed to uncover some complicated crime, which was the best reward for his faithful service.

Literary works

Since 1857 in Russian magazines and newspapers his name appears as the author of the novel "The Twin Brothers" and several stories - folk beliefs of the Ukrainian antiquity of the XVIII century.

In 1861 Oleksa became famous, his works are published as separate editions, and they are published in the journal "Osnova". In 1863 two volumes of his "Ukrainian short stories" were published in St. Petersburg.

Then O. Storozhenko is transferred to the town of Svobodno under the command of Governor-General M. Muravyov. His literary activity at this time was directed against the Polish national liberation movement, which began in the 60's.

last years of life

Since 1868, he retires from the post of state councilor and leader of the nobility and spends his last years of life in a farm near the Belarusian city of Brest. He loved fishing, hunting, gardening. He was wearing Ukrainian clothes, he had a curvy Cossack mustache. The writer Storozhenko was a strong and energetic person, he could bend a two-crook and make a load of 10 poods on the mountain. In addition, he liked to play the cello, do modeling and drawing, for which he was awarded a medal from the Academy of Arts.

On long winter evenings, he liked to talk about literary news. A lot of time he took up work on the publicistic novel "Past Past." He also conducted friendly correspondence with the Odessa writer I. White.

Once in the deep fall he returned home, accidentally fell into the icy water and caught a cold, and besides, badly damaged his leg. November 18, 1874 he was no more. The writer was buried at the local cemetery in Brest.

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