Pansinorm forte - long-proven drug

"Panzinorm forte" - an enzyme preparation, produced over several decades. He still does not give up his position among the means that actively influence the tissue exchange. This complex preparation contains such substances as bile extracts, pancreatin, extracts of the stomach mucosa, amino acids.
The drug is available in tablets with 2 layers. Its outer layer is made up of amino acids and an extract of the gastric mucosa. This membrane dissolves easily in the stomach, releasing an acid-fast core that breaks down in the intestine. The core of the tablet contains pancreatin and bile extracts. "Pansinorm forte" provides good digestibility of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Due to the content of bile, this drug increases bile secretion, accelerates the digestion of fats, increases the release of lipase pancreatic. Included in the "Pansinorm forte" amino acids well stimulate the active formation of gastric juice, various enzymes of the pancreas, intestines.
The remedy is used with insufficient digestive and secretory capacity of the gastrointestinal tract (enterocolitis, chronic gastritis), with insufficient functioning of the pancreatic gland (chronic pancreatitis). Excellent helps this drug and with cholecystitis, hepatitis, in the period after operations on the intestines, stomach, liver, pancreas, with digestive disorders.

"Pansinorm" is consumed during a meal, slowly squeezed with liquid, three times a day for 1 tablet. With insufficient effect of this method, take 2 tablets three times a day. Tablets are available in a package of 30 pieces.
Among the updated enzyme preparations it is necessary to note "Panzinorm forte 10000". It contains 10,000 units of lipase, 7200 units of amylase, 400 units of protease. Product: capsules. The indications for the use of this drug are the same as those of "Panzinorma". The drug significantly accelerates the absorption of nutrients in the intestines and greatly improves digestion. Along with this, it reduces and prevents the symptoms of steatorrhoea caused by digestive disorders. This drug effectively reduces pain caused by chronic pancreatitis. This effect is caused by a protease, which helps to suppress the secretion of its own enzyme by the pancreas.

Enzymes affect the digestive organs locally, namely in the intestines, due to proteolysis and autolysis. A small part of the unaltered enzymes with colonic masses is excreted from the body. Apply "Penzinorm forte 10000" also in cystic fibrosis, conditions after pancreatectomy, obstruction of the biliary and pancreatic duct. The dose of the drug is determined individually. It depends on the type of disease and the condition of the patient. Capsules are swallowed whole, squeezed with liquid, or taken with liquid food. The capsule should be swallowed at the beginning of the meal.

Contraindications to the use of this drug are: exacerbation of pancreatitis chronic, sensitivity to components, acute pancreatitis.
As side effects when taking this remedy are noted: vomiting, skin allergy, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, bronchospasm. There is no reliable data on the use of the "Panzinorm forte 10000" during pregnancy and lactation, so at this time it is better to stop taking this medication.

Another enzyme preparation, characterized by high efficiency, is "Panzinorm forte-H". The drug is produced in the form of tablets with a film coat of whitish color. 1 tablet contains such substances: 20,000 units of lipase, 900 units of protease, 12,000 units of amylase. The drug is available in glass bottles of 10, 30 and 100 tablets in a package. This enzyme agent has all the indicators of the two previous drugs, only to a greater extent.

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