Hotel Scheherazade Sensimar 4 * (Sousse, Tunisia): overview, rooms and reviews

Speech in the article will be about the magnificent hotel Scheherazade Sensimar 4 * (Sousse, Tunisia). Your attention will be presented to its description, interior and exterior. You will find out what services the hotel provides and what the tourists say about it.

Sahel and his "pearl" (instead of joining)

Let's take a little history. The northern coast of Africa is the kingdom of eternal silence and boundless sands. However, on the narrow edge of the Mediterranean Sahara gives way to noisy oases and green lagoons. They attracted seafarers from distant lands. For example, in the geographic area of Sahel (where the Sahara comes into savannahs) there are bays turned by the Phoenicians and Greeks in the colony. Their descendants formed the state of Carthage at the turn of the ages. The most picturesque part of it was located in the Bay of Hammamet. Now these are 2 Tunisian cities - Monastir and Sousse. The latter is called the "pearl of the Sahel". The business card of this place is the 4-star "hotel-city" SENSIMAR Scheherazade. Rating of the hotel (according to professional critics) - 4.1.

Tourist charm of Tunisia

The ancient city-country was destroyed by the Romans almost to the ground ... What is left of it, is a subject of high historical value.

At the same time, modern Tunisia (the "son" of Carthage) is known to tourists also for its climate. The weather on the comfortable outskirts of the desert is moderate, but it glows the southern subtropics. Rains are rare even in winter, but in the autumn the ratio of sea and air temperatures is ideal ...

Here, wild rose, hibiscus and bougainville blossom. Jerboa and eared chanterelles in the savannah frolics quite loud ... Everywhere the date palm trees and the dazzling white sand of the beaches are pleasing to the eye. Therefore, the region has looked after its Magic Life corporation for its establishments - one of them is devoted to an article - truly fabulous Scheherazade Sensimar 4 *.

Comfort is named Magic Life

The hotel "Magic Life" is distinguished by a high level of service. The German network is known for offering a combination of undisturbed leisure and active leisure. Experienced tourists note that the service of the Magic Life hotels raises delight not only among the unpretentious researchers of the Sahel. It fully meets the needs of citizens who have come with children, newlyweds, students, pensioners ...

Magic Life - a group of high-class club hotels, making a holiday in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia unforgettable. This is due to the chic infrastructure, the eastern atmosphere and the increased attention of staff: administrators, maids, waiters. The cultural program is of great importance ...

Accommodation in the hotels of the "Magic Life" is easy to book on the corporate website or other tourist online portals. And now it's time to talk directly about Scheherazade Sensimar 4 *.

Location and history

занимает участок северной половины Лас Вегас Бич – курортной части Суса. Scheherazade Sensimar 4 * occupies the northern half of Las Vegas Beach - the resort part of Sousse. This sector is located almost in the middle of the same agglomeration - on the first line. The spacious territory of the hotel complex adjoins the buildings of the "Marhab Salem". In the west, it borders on the lively avenue of Janvier, which separates the fashionable shelters from the Olivier clinic, and also olive plantations to the north of it (by the way, the hotel is building No. 14 on this avenue).

The airport of Monastir is only 28 km away from here, 150 km from the center of the Tunisian capital. At a distance of 40 km is the historic city of Enfid with ancient ruins. It also has an international airport.

Apartments, successfully entered into the "pseudo-Mauritanian" buildings, appeared here in 1968. In 2013 - after the building acquired Magic Life - there was a global renovation. Reconstruction of the premises (associated with the introduction of modern design elements and new technical amenities), however, did not affect the eastern image of "Scheherazade". It only attracted thousands of new customers. Until March 2015, the hotel was called Scheherazade Hotel Sousse.

Architectural and landscape advantages of the hotel

In terms of the territory resembles a semicircular masterpiece of park art. High-rise buildings are like walls for low-rise buildings with elite apartments. Several buildings form an atrium. Its central part is a large swimming pool. From the rest of the space it is separated by arched spans arranged in Moorish style. The basin has several branches, the "banks" of which are steps to the highest-class chambers (they are connected to them by open verandas). The external environment of the described ensemble is a well-groomed lawn with palm trees and a lot of sidewalks leading to some objects of local infrastructure. In stand-alone buildings, their baths.

Room Description

4* делится на две категории – Standart и Lux Swim Up. Accommodation at the Sensimar Scheherazade ex Thomson Couples Sousse 4 * is divided into two categories - Standart and Lux Swim Up.

The first type (there are variants of single, double and family accommodation) is represented by rooms in high-rise buildings.

Swim Up rooms in addition to standard amenities can have several rooms, additional furniture in oriental style, a safe, a bar and a jacuzzi. However, their main feature, as many guests note, is another. They are located at the level of the main basin (or its "canals"). Each of them becomes like an artificial lagoon - the steps of the open veranda lead directly into the water. Lucky people who live in the "paradise" side of the complex, right from here start their journey through the territory of "Scheherazade", using kayaks or canoes ...

Regardless of the accommodation class, the guest Scheherazade Sensimar 4 * (Tunis, Sousse) can count on:

  • An insulated bathroom with a shower;
  • bed;
  • The curbstone;
  • cupboard;
  • TV with cable TV;
  • free Internet;
  • air conditioning;
  • Towels and toiletries;
  • Hairdryer.

Rooms are cleaned daily. As many guests note, an additional visit by a maid is possible. About your desire, you just need to inform at the reception.

Power Overview

Already at the entrance - at the reception - employees of the main restaurant L'Olivier treat their customers with a glass of wine. This fact most often appears in the reviews ...

The establishment, located in a room decorated with a bizarre oriental arcade, offers both a continental breakfast and a full board (three meals a day according to the buffet principle). In the second case, the tour will cost a little more. , стоит не так уж и дорого… На обед и ужин здесь зачастую подают блюда из говядины, баранины и курицы. By the way, former guests argue that the package tour, including accommodation in the S ensimar Scheherazade Couples 4 * , is not so expensive ... For lunch and dinner here often serve dishes of beef, lamb and chicken. There is an opportunity to order a diet menu. People remember a lot of oriental sweets (including fresh fruit), as well as cakes and pastries ... In general, there is always something to eat. The products are all fresh, the cooked dishes are very delicious.

In addition to this restaurant in the complex there are:

  • Snack-cafe (salads, desserts, fruits, sandwiches);
  • A canteen "Culinary" (sweets and pizza);
  • Steak house (dishes from roasted meat);
  • Lobby bar in the main building (a rich wine list, dozens of varieties of tea and coffee).

In bars near the main pool, working around the clock, you can order any refreshing, hot or alcoholic beverage.


Scheherazade Sensimar 4 * reviews often gets even enthusiastic. Here everything is thought out to the last detail. They say that the hotel has its own beach area with a safe access to the sea (this is very important for guests with young children). Sunbeds and sun umbrellas are built in rows near the sea from the early morning (unlike the sun beds by the pools, they are plastic, not wicker). From some local "palaces" go to the water no more than 100 meters. The beach is constantly cleaned.

In addition to countless pools, the Sensimar Scheherazade 4 * (Sousse) has two sports and children's playgrounds, a miniature golf course, large free parking, an exchange desk and a tour desk. His employees book a trip to the desert with Bedouins, an excursion to the ruins of Carthage or a transfer to any airport. From the main hall you can easily go to:

  • Hairdresser's;
  • Laundry;
  • gym;
  • Massage room;
  • Bath (Turkish hammam);
  • Billiard room.

The staff, which provides the majority of services, speaks good Russian. And this, as many tourists point out, is a huge advantage, as there is no barrier in communication.

Almost aside, you can find even a cinema and a pier for canoes and canoes (really to go by the system of communicating pools, presenting yourself somewhere in Venice).

Entertainment in the complex

The music around the large pool (in the atrium) sounds 24 hours a day. In this part of the fashionable shelter there are those who came without children and are hungry for fun. Around a few bars, supplying at night with any liquor. In the afternoon, juices, mineral water and low-alcohol beer are given here. Over the spectacular cultural program in the sunlight, adults and children's animators work.

You came to rest with children and do not know where to go from their children? In Scheherazade Sensimar Hotel Sousse 4 * they will not be bored. After all, there are special clubs for children here: "Mini" (for kids under 3 years old), "Magic Mungo" (for tombstones under 6 years old), "Club Magic" (here, "break away" representatives of junior school age) and "Teenager". Young guests are under the watchful eye of the responsible tutor from the first day of your accommodation. They offer entertainment and sports programs, picnics on the beach.

During all the entertainment activities, the photographer works. For a fee, he can get the joyful moments captured in the frame.

Sousse Attractions

Those who are tired of the hotel and the beach "Las Vegas" for a few days can leave the fence, take a local bus and come to the center of Sousse. For a walk, the bazaar and the local mosque (Medina Susa with kasbah and ribat), as well as the quarter near the Tower of Khalifa (in the old town you can see the remains of the fortress wall and walk along the narrow streets) will perfectly suit the walk. It is necessary to drive only 2 kilometers, enjoying well-maintained roads, palm alleys, a noisy port and large traffic junctions.

Sousse grew up on the site of the Phoenician colony of Gadrumet. In the center of the city it is reminiscent of the artifacts of the exhibition "Dar-Essid", exhibits of the Bordeaux Museum and the column.

Modern tales of Scheherazade (instead of conclusion)

4* предлагает особые условия для семейного, культурно-познавательного и романтического отдыха. The Sensimar Scheherazade Couples 4 * offers special conditions for a family, cultural and cognitive and romantic getaway. Judging by the numerous guest reviews, it is quite suitable for organizing any large-scale event - from a business meeting to a wedding for a hundred persons (open areas near the water, banquet and conference rooms are quite suitable for this). It only remains to add that a vacation, a holiday and even an ordinary business trip will bear here an imprint of sunny bliss and Moorish luxury. They turn into another fairytale of Scheherazade ...

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