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Daddy rental: actors and roles

A good multi-series picture called "Dad rental" is a project created for viewing in the family circle by Valery Rozhnov. Actors from the "Daddy rental" were personally invited to shoot director, because they were best suited for the role. The film shows how the life of a single mother and her son can abruptly change for the better only thanks to miracles and faith in them. The whole series is divided into four series and was released on television screens in late 2013.

Actors from the "Daddy rental"

Igor Petrenko played the role of Solomatin Ilya.

Elvira Bolgova - the role of Pankratova Irina.

Ville Haapsalo is the chef at one of the restaurants, Philippe.

Maxim Rozhnov - Vasily, the son of Irina.

Olga Bityutskaya is the mother of the main character, Vera Vasilievna.


The main character is Irina, she is the owner of a small bakery. In her life, everything is stable, a woman alone brings up her son and does her favorite thing. The heir is required to receive a prestigious education, London must meet him affably. Only there is one "but" - for traveling abroad requires the permission of the father. Ira has not seen her ex-wife for many years, but she does not intend to just take it and surrender. By chance, a man is set up in the bakery, whose passport details are almost identical to the former lover. Irina will take advantage of the situation and turn it in her favor. The actors from Dad Hire managed to properly consider the character of the characters and accurately display it.

Elvira Bolgova

Charming actress Elvira Bolgova was born on December 28, 1975 in Moscow. She managed to enter the Shchepkinskoye School the first time she graduated in 1996. Work in the theater "Satyricon" is an important step in Elvira's career, in the collection of the actress more than ten bright roles.

After the release of the short film by Elena Malikova, Bolgova woke up famous, then a few years later the screen version of "Tests for Real Men" was released. Filmography Bolgova every year replenished with major and minor roles, the actress skillfully reincarnates on the screen in serials and films.

Igor Petrenko

The future actor from the "Pope for rent" was born in Germany in the family of a military man and a translator. Soon the family decided to move to live in Moscow. The boy did not like going to school very much and often skipped classes. Forced to spend a year in the isolation unit "Matrosskaya Tishina" on charges of complicity in the murder.

Entering the theater school allowed Igor to radically change his own life, soon he began to play in the Maly Theater, and then already in the cinema. The debut picture was the adaptation of "Star", then "Driver for Faith", "Taras Bulba", "Hero of Our Time", etc.

Ville Haapasalo

The actor from the "Daddy for Rent" Ville Haapasalo is a native of Lahti, who is located on the territory of Finland. The future star of Russian cinematography was born on February 28, 1972. Petersburg theater academy Ville was able to graduate in 1995. His first role in the film "Peculiarities of National Hunting" brought him wide popularity.

The entrance to the screens of the story "Love in the City" gave Ville millions of fans all over the country. Also in the arsenal of the actor there are many bright roles in advertising, from recent time he opened his own studio and plans to make a film about the life of Russian emigrants in Finland. The film "Dad rented", the actors in which they played melodramatic characters, became for Ville another step in the conquest of Russian cinema.

Evgenia Gladiy

Gladiy was born in Kiev, in the family of actors, graduated from the Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television and went to conquer the theatrical stage of her native city. The American thriller "Evilenko" became the first serious work for Eugene, and then other roles in films and serials: "Love on Asphalt", "Cod", "Share Your Happiness", "Sweet Life". The actress tries herself in new roles and copes with the tasks she is directed by directors. She continues to play in the theater and combine it with several film projects. The film "Daddy rented", the actors and the roles that they played, Eugenia remembers with warmth, although she only got a small episodic role.

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