About tires Dunlop GrandTrek AT3 and others for SUVs

The car tires of the Dunlop GrandTrek series are designed specifically for crossovers and SUVs. Their task is to ensure high controllability and safety of driving at high speeds under various road conditions.

Model Dunlop GrandTrek AT3 is an all-season tire for SUVs. When developing it, new Japanese technologies were used. The model fully met the expectations of the developers. The tire showed on the tests excellent handling on a variety of road surfaces and a high level of comfort.

The greatest demand it enjoys the owners of powerful off-roaders - fans of active driving and extreme. It is ideal for all-wheel drive cars 4x4. High stability and stability at high speeds is provided by a stiffening rib in the central part and three longitudinal channels for the discharge of water. The Dunlop GrandTrek AT3 tire is resistant to cuts and punctures of the sidewalls and has a protective edge that protects the edge of the disc.

Increased patency is provided by massive blocks of the tread, located at the optimal distance, which cut into any ground and at the same time quickly cleaned. Special components added to the rubber mixture, contribute to increased strength and durability. Good grip on Dunlop GrandTrek AT3 is obtained by using a variety of different lamellas.

The tire is characterized by manufacturers as reliable, comfortable, low noise. It is designed for safe driving both on highway, and on stony roads or gravel. Good traction characteristics Dunlop GrandTrek AT3 off-road created by located on the width of the tread special grooves. Noiselessness is provided by the selection of different blocks in the shoulder area.

A multitude of grooves on the tread quickly copes with a thick layer of water on the road, preventing aquaplaning. To improve the adhesion and durability, FTP technology is used, which evenly distributes the tire pressure. Characteristics of the tire will be satisfied with the owners of SUVs, as well as owners of minivans and station wagons. Especially they are effective on Russian roads.

The model of all-season tires Dunlop GrandTrek AT20 can be used both on off-road cars and on light trucks. The blocks of the tread are arranged wavy, with the calculation for increasing the adhesion on the snow-covered track. Three longitudinal canals and open blocks in the shoulders quickly drain water. The tire is recommended by manufacturers for operation in urban conditions, to a lesser extent - in rural areas.

The all-season Dunlop GrandTrek AT22 is also designed for off-road vehicles and small trucks. Unlike the AT20, it is designed for operation mode "50x50" - roads / roads. The developers tried to take into account all operating conditions and used all the latest achievements in tire production. The arrangement of the elements in the tread pattern was determined by computer simulation of different operating conditions. As a result, we achieved an optimal pattern with four zigzag ditches and massive blocks along the edges. It turned out to be a quiet, comfortable tire with high throughput.

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