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British Visa Center in Moscow - our window to England

If there is no visa center near your place of residence, you need to apply for a visa to visit England at the British Visa Center in Moscow.

Why do you need this institution?

The British Visa Center in Moscow is located in Delta Plaza in the Second Syromyatnichesky Lane, 1.



The British Visa Center in Moscow is an institution that prepares for the visa department of the British Embassy and speeds up the process of issuing visas.


  • Accept documents;
  • Receive biometric data ;
  • Accept payment for the implementation of additional services;
  • Transmit the formed packages of documents to the embassy;
  • Inform clients about the status of the applications being considered;
  • Issue passports returned by the embassy.

British Visa Center in Moscow: opening hours

Reception hours: Mon-Fri from 08:30 to 17:00 .

The window for issuing returned passports: Mon-Fri from 08:30 to 17:00 .

Can I speed up my visa?

Additional paid services in the British Visa Center in Moscow

The cost,


Accelerated consideration of the application - for 5 slave. Days.


Accelerated consideration of the application for permanent residence - for 15 slaves. Days.


"Premium service" - submit documents at the appointed time, but without queue, printing and photocopying documents.


"Prime Time" - submit documents in additional working hours: from Monday to 09 00 and from 17 00 to 19 30 , from 10 00 to 16 00 and only in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.


"Filing without a passport" - apply for a visa for 2 years with a photocopy of the passport. If the answer is positive, the original is handed over, so that a visa is placed in it.


"Express delivery of documents" - the documents will be delivered by the courier to the specified address.


"Control the status of the application by SMS" - by the phone number left by the center operator.


What are the visas?

For a trip to England it is necessary to receive a separate visa, since the country is not included in the Schengen Union.

The visa can be:

  • Tourist - must be confirmed by booking a hotel or tour (usually a travel agency does). In the case of an independent tourist trip, you need to confirm the exact dates of entry-exit and route.
  • Student - there are several categories (including for a short course of English) and is given only to those persons who are studying at officially registered educational institutions in England.
  • Working - you need an invitation from the employer to work with an indication of the position, address of the company and the intended workplace.
  • Guest - friends should send a written invitation.
  • Medical - you need a written medical statement and a document on payment for treatment.
  • Family - you need an official invitation from close relatives.
  • And also a number of other types (transit, for children, businessmen, doctors, artists, etc.).

Package of documents for obtaining a visa

Documents to be submitted to the UK Visa Application Center in Moscow (all documents, including bank statements, documents confirming a working contract, etc., must be translated into English with a date in DD / MM / YYYY format and signature Interpreter):

  • Valid passport with a validity period of 6 months.
  • International passport.
  • Color photo (2 pcs.) On a light background of 35 mm x 45 mm without a border, made not earlier than 6 months ago.
  • Application form for a visa, printed and signed.
  • Documents to confirm the availability of funds.
  • Documents to confirm the availability of work or training.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Certificate of birth of children.
  • Old passport (if any).
  • Copies of all provided documents.
  • Printed receipts for payment for additional services.

Submission of documents to the British Visa Center

Algorithm of actions for obtaining a visa:

1. On the website of the Government of Great Britain

  • Determine the type of visa you receive.
  • To pay a fee (a copy of the receipt should be brought to the interview).
  • Make an appointment at one of the visa centers.
  • Get a unique number GWF, which is needed when registering on the site of the visa center in Moscow.
  • Receive an e-mail confirming the date and time of your appointment, the location of the visa center and the documents you need to bring.

2. On the site of the British Visa Center in Moscow (

  • Sign up now.
  • Fill in an electronic application form for a visa.
  • If you need additional data on the e-mail message will come.
  • On this site you can choose and pay for additional services, receipts must be printed and brought to the visa center.

3. In the British visa center in Moscow you need to come at a specified time (in case of delay you will have to re-register at the reception) personally and with children over 5 years old and register (get a ticket for filing documents).

  • Submit documents.
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Pass fingerprints and make digital photographs (biometric data). Children under the age of 5 years are required only photos.

4. The application will be reviewed by the UKVI UK government department, which can request additional information by e-mail, another document or an invitation for an interview.

5. The status of the application for a visa is tracked on the site of the visa center.

6. After the passport is returned to the visa center, an email will be sent to the e-mail indicating that the documents have been examined.

7. It is necessary to receive documents within 30 calendar days from the moment of their delivery to the visa center, independently or by courier.

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