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Why is a woman bulging pubis?

It is impossible to count on the fingers how many in the female body there are "problem" places. For example, many refer to the bulging pubis. Is it worth panicking at such a feature? What does it come from? Are there any measures that promote the adoption of a normal form?

Pubis as part of the body

Lobok is a part of the female body that performs many different functions. First of all, this is the protection of the uterus. During pregnancy, she will always be under the pubic bone, which will make the baby healthy. Also this part of the body plays an important role in the performance of sexual intercourse - it protects the internal organs from unwanted trauma. Schematically, the pubis is part of the pelvis, located in the front, exactly in the middle. From above it is reliably covered with fatty tissue. Gynecologists assure that this important part of the body in each woman is noticeably different - it can be almost flat, or, on the contrary, it can stick out too much, hair can grow richly on it or not, and there is also a different shape.

Features of genetics

Many people are wondering how the bulging pubis appears in women. Experts respond to it very differently.

  • The first version is that this is a genetic predisposition of women. Approximately about three percent of gynecological clinic patients are endowed with such a part of the body. The pubic bone is located a little closer to the pelvis or has a larger size, and therefore there is a feeling that it protrudes.
  • The second version is the amount of adipose tissue. It is believed that women prone to fullness, become owners of such a "diagnosis".
  • Another version is the possible injury of a small pelvis.

Often, gynecologists are asked the question of too thin women about why they bulge their pubic area. Specialists do not react to it in any way, considering it a self-suggestion, because against the background of general thinness some parts of the body may seem unnecessarily large.

What to do?

No matter how strange it may sound, for many women the bulging pubis is a real problem that prevents them from fully living. Doctors do not recommend it to be eliminated, as, on the contrary, they consider this a positive quality: the higher the pubic bone is, the more the genitals will be protected. However, this does not apply to situations where deformation occurred as a result of trauma. In this case, it is required to contact the therapist, gynecologist and surgeon as soon as possible with this problem.

If there is still a desire to cope with such a problem as bulging pubis, you can try to lose weight by 5-7 kilograms. The fat tissue covering the bone will become smaller, because of what visually this part of the body will look less convex. Many experts recommend doing exercises that affect the small pelvis, in order for the fat tissue to split more quickly. It is worth noting that intensified sports help to increase the muscles, which will create the opposite result. It is also possible to use anti-cellulite products.

You can resort to plastic surgery, which will reduce the pubic bone. Doctors negatively relate to such a procedure, believing that it is necessary to resort to it as a last resort.

What prevents women?

Separately it is necessary to talk and about why it is so negatively perceived bulging pubis in women. The photos of the owners of this feature are practically the same as those who have this part evenly distributed. However, if you wear a swimsuit or tight pants, you can see on the groin a small bump. Naturally, girls can not like this appearance, accordingly, there is a need to purchase more spacious clothes.

It is also believed that ugly sticks out this part during walking, dancing or playing sports, many women even experience discomfort during the movement.

Another negative aspect is shyness before the beloved man. Many people think that such a small "defect" can adversely affect the sexual life.

From a medical point of view, the bulging pubis is not absolutely any serious problem, which must be intensively combated. But, as practice has shown, women themselves consider this to be their negative side and they want to take prompt measures to eliminate it.

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