How to mold Freddie from polymer clay and plasticine?

From this article you will learn how to sculpt Freddie, the hero of a somewhat unusual horror film. You will learn how to create a beautiful figure from plasticine, polymer clay or self-hardening mass.

From what to sculpt and what tools to use

First of all, decide what you need Freddie's figure for. If you want to entertain your child, then buy a colored clay. If you want to make a beautiful souvenir, then it's better to pay attention to the polymer clay, baked or self-curing mass for modeling. Of the tools you may need: nippers, stacks and toothpicks. Prepare a place for modeling: wipe it from dust and dirt. Also take a wet cloth so you can wipe your hands.

How to mold Freddie from plasticine?

You will need clay in brown, dark brown, black, white and blue. If desired, the eyes can be painted with gouache paints. First, blindfold Freddie's body. Then make your legs and arms. Each limb consists of two large sausages and two short sausages. Connect the sausages in such a sequence: short, two long and short again. Then stick the limbs to the body. For the head roll a ball of dark brown plasticine. Blush the muzzle from the brown. Eyebrows, a hat, a nose and a place where there will be eyes, make of black plasticine. For the ears, take two small pieces of brown. Stack the face, giving it the necessary expression. Then, from the blue and white plasticine, blind the eyes. Also from the black mass blot a small bow. Work on your fingers and toes. Now you know how to sculpt Freddie from a plate.

If you liked the fashioned figure and you want it not to deteriorate, then make it an odd job in papier-mache technique. To do this, glue Freddy pieces of paper in several layers. Wait until the figure dries. Then cut the product in half and pull out the clay. Using the same paper and PVA glue, connect the two parts back. After drying, you can paint the figure and varnish.

How to mold a Freddie Bear from polymer clay

If you want to make Freddie from polymer clay, then think in advance how you will bake your product (in the oven or aerogrill). Baked crafts will be strong and flexible. The principle of molding Freddie from polymer clay is the same as that of plasticine.

If desired, you can make a toy on a wire frame. It's pretty simple! First make a frame, and then clothe it with polymer clay. Wire it is better to take hard, so that it flexes slightly under pressure.

Be sure to fashion your teeth and a tall hat. Eyes can be made in the form of black dots. Butterfly can also be worked with a toothpick. Also you can blind a microphone to a bear. To do this, make a ball of gray clay and a short sausage made of black. Put them together. Around the ball, glue a thin black strip. After you have made a figure, it can be placed in aerogrill. Now you know how to sculpt Freddie from plastic!

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