How to sew the letters-pillows with your own hands. Pillows letters - a great gift

In this article we will discuss such interesting subjects as pillows in the form of letters. Soft alphabet, made of textiles, is very relevant today. Why? We talk about this further.

Designation of interior pads in the form of letters

Such textile products are multifunctional. They can serve as a decorative decoration for the interior of the house. For kids - this is an excellent educational toy with which they can learn the alphabet, learn how to spread words and read them. And, in the end, these pillows can be used in letters for their intended purpose - for sleeping. Given all these facts, we come to the conclusion that such a thing will be a wonderful gift for the holiday, both for the child and for the adult.

If you like the pillows with the letters that you see in the photo, if you are fired by the desire to have such cute little things in your house, we invite you to study the information presented in the article further. It tells how to make a soft alphabet with your own hands at home. Owning the basic skills of sewing and having all the necessary materials, you can easily perform such textiles.

We learn to sew soft alphabet. What is needed for this?

In order to carry out self cushions in the form of letters, some materials and tools will be needed. We list them below:

  • Fabric (cotton, linen, fleece, felt, flannel);
  • Thread;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • Filler (sintepon, holofayber);
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • Pins;
  • sewing machine.

We make cushions in letters. Method number 1 (the most simple)

Even a novice seamstress can execute this model of the product. The manufacture of such elements of the alphabet occurs manually. We study the instruction.

On paper, draw a sketch of the letter in full size. For all elements to be proportional, use a ruler. Cut the resulting pattern and transfer it to a fabric folded in half. Pin the paper piece with pins and circle it with a pencil. Now remove the template. Cut the textile blank exactly along the contour. Since the letters will be stitched manually on the front side of the product, you do not need to leave allowances.

We proceed to join the parts. Sew them with a suture seam ("over the edge"). In order for the lettering to have an aesthetic appearance, try to keep all stitches at the same distance from each other. When the product is almost completely sewn, set the needle and take the filler. Stuff the pillow in small portions of sintepon (holofayber). Try not to let this material slip inside the letter with lumps. Do not fill the product too tightly, otherwise the seams may part. Next, sew a hole, fix the thread and cut it. That's all. Do the same for other pillows in the same way. Such soft elements of the alphabet can be decorated with lace, embroidery, textile applique, beads.

Method number 2. The letter is a pillow, it's a toy. How do I?

In this part of the article we are talking about how to decorate these products with a sewing machine.

Paper pattern is made exactly as described in the previous version. But the pattern itself is different. When cutting the blanks from the fabric, retreat 1-1.5 centimeters from the outlined contours, thus forming the allowances. How to sew pillow letters of this kind? Connect the parts. Stitches on the wrong side of the product on the drawn lines. Leave a small hole and turn the letter through it to the front side. Now, fill the inside of the pillow with a filler. Using a hidden seam, draw a hole. One element of the soft alphabet is ready. Decorate the product as desired.

We sew voluminous soft letters. Method number 3

The pads model, the method of manufacturing of which is described below, differs from the previous ones in that it is more voluminous and stable. And all because in this version the letter has not only the front and back sides, but also the end faces. In the photo you can see examples of such products. How to perform such soft letter-pillows with your own hands?

On paper, we draw a sketch of the letter and separately - its end faces. Here you should be careful not to make a mistake with gauging. The width of all lateral, upper and lower elements of the letter should be the same. Patterns are transferred to a fabric and cut out. You can sew the product on the wrong side or on the front - this is how you want. If you decide to connect details on the face, then use decorative seams. Fill in the letters in the same way as described in the previous instructions.

How to make soft alphabet from foam rubber?

In order to perform the following version of the letter-cushion, the materials listed in the list will be needed:

  • Foam rubber furniture (60-100 mm thick);
  • the cloth;
  • scissors;
  • Construction knife;
  • needle;
  • Thread;
  • Pins;
  • paper;
  • pencil.

From paper, follow the pattern of the front side of the letter. Put it on foam rubber, pin with pins. Cut out the letter with a knife. Follow this procedure on a flat surface, but note that you can scratch it. Therefore, it is better to put a piece of old plywood or a thick cardboard under the foam rubber. From the fabric, cut out the pillow-letter elements: the details of the transmission, the set, the sidewalls, the top and the "sole." Take into account the dimensions of the product and leave room for allowances. Sew all the parts together, rear aft. Insert the foam blank into the obtained textile cover. Now attach the back textile stenochku and attach it manually with a secret seam. Everything, the product is ready.

What are the advantages of foam cushions in the form of letters? This option is ideal for children's games. Such an object can be thrown and crumpled. He easily regains his form. If this is soiled, wash it in the machine or by hand. After drying, it will have the original appearance.

Small pillows have always been considered an invariable attribute of coziness and warmth in the home. Therefore, it is these things that must necessarily be present in the interior of the house. Perform for yourself, for family and friends, these original and stylish items. How to sew the letters-pillows at home, you learned from this article. We hope that the inspiration that you received, studying the descriptions and viewing the photos, very soon become embodied in products in the form of a soft alphabet. Good for you the results of creativity!

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