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Rupture of the muscles of the shoulder and hip. Symptoms and methods of treatment.

If the muscle begins to drastically and rapidly contract, then there may come a time at which the muscle ruptures. However, there are some diseases, during which the muscles undergo a pathological change, which leads to their damage even with a small load. Distinguish between partial or complete muscle rupture. In the first case, its integrity is violated, and in the second case, the muscle is broken completely into its entire thickness.

If there is such a trouble, the person immediately feels a strong pain in the place of damage. In addition, there is a strong internal hemorrhage, swelling at the site of the rupture, and the limb stops functioning normally.

If a person has felt a strong pain in the place where the tendon is attached to the bone, but no bruises or swelling appeared on the skin, it is most likely a partial rupture of the muscle (tendons). In occasion of this trauma to worry strongly it is not necessary, as it is considered easy.

If there is a sharp pain and limb mobility decreases, then this trauma is of medium severity. However, if both pain and deformation of the skin on which bruises and ugly swellings occur and the leg or arm is almost immobilized at the same time, this muscle rupture is the heaviest, since the tendon completely detached from the bone.

The muscles of the upper and lower extremities are most often affected by such troubles. In particular, if in the process of training to give legs a great and unbearable load, or to begin training without proper warm-up, then often in this case there is a rupture of the hip muscle.

In such moments suddenly there is a strong pain in the back of the leg, which increases with walking or running. Often, bruises and swelling appear on the injury site. In case of occurrence of such symptoms, it is necessary to release the affected muscle group from the loads. During the week can be a good help for injecting painkillers, as well as taking anti-inflammatory drugs. In some cases, after a course of such injections, the pain can be significantly reduced, so you can quietly give a small load to these muscle groups. If the pain does not go away, then you should consult a doctor, because you may even need a surgical intervention.

The rupture of the shoulder muscle is usually obtained with a sharp contraction of the biceps muscle, which is in tension. The reasons for this can be, as attempts to support a heavy object falling from above, and dystrophic processes, which are caused by small micro-traumas. As a rule, the latter case is often observed in men aged 40-50 years.

Such a trauma is usually accompanied by a characteristic crack, with which the head of the biceps ruptures. In some cases, it can also be damaged by fracture of the shoulder bone, or during its dislocation.

If there is a break, then first of all, the limb should be fixed in a stationary state. This can be done with a plaster bandage. The victim should usually wear it for about a month. But after the removal of gypsum, therapeutic procedures such as massage and physical therapy begin.

In any case, with severe injuries, a person loses his ability to work for 2-3 months. But even after recovery, the damaged limb can be given full load only after 4-5 months, when the full restoration of the head of the bicep.

In particularly severe cases, surgical intervention is performed. However, arthroscopy is always performed before him, consisting of examining the joints and muscles of the shoulder with a special video camera, which is inserted into a small incision in his hand. And if the diagnosis is confirmed, then under local or general anesthesia, surgery is performed

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