Timely maintenance of the battery - a serious saving of energy and time

A battery, or simply a battery, is a familiar subject for all of us - a storage capacity for energy, without which our life is simply impossible. We all use phones, players, flashlights, whose work depends directly on the battery. Even children from the earliest years know these little boxes, without which they do not sing and do not move their toys.

You can safely call the battery the heart of any electrical unit and, as a consequence, this element should be treated fairly responsibly. Maintenance of the battery for a phone, a flashlight or children's toys is rather unpretentious - the charge is over, then you need to recharge it, that's all.

Maintenance of the car battery of such a simple attitude to itself will not tolerate. He needs careful care and supervision. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to have to go to an unpleasant situation, when your favorite car can be moved only by exceptional strength or help from the outside.

The main task of the battery for the car is to start the engine. Then there is a function of additional or emergency power supply of electric generating sets. Well and one more of the problems, actual for the injector engines, is the alignment of the voltage coming from the generator. In principle, if you exclude the factory defect, the battery does not require any attention. It is worth, however, note that his work is actively influenced by the operating conditions and malfunctions in the car, they can cause a malfunction of this device.

First of all, battery maintenance is a trivial control of the electrolyte level (special liquid). It should be clearly understood that the measures taken in time are already half the battle. In the case where the electrolyte level is below the mark, it should simply be added to the prescribed level. If the body of the unit is transparent, then it is likely that the minimum and maximum levels are written. If the case is opaque, then it is necessary to unscrew all the covers of the unit in turn and check the level with a special tube (sold with the rest of the devices for battery maintenance). The level should be from 10 to 15 mm.

Car battery maintenance should be carried out with extreme caution, since it is necessary to work with especially dangerous chemicals ( sulfuric acid is included in the composition ) . Where the liquid has spilled, gently rinse with plenty of water. The next thing to do is check the density of the internal fluid. This should be done only two hours after it is refilled with an aerometer.

Maintenance of the battery includes and recharging. Before the procedure, remove the battery from the car, connect a special charger, unscrew the covers from all the units. During charging, take precautions, check the temperature of the electrolyte and its density. Correct the current according to the capacity of the battery .

Systematically check the unit for integrity. The casing should not have cracks or bulges. Maintenance of the battery requires a banal rub from accumulated dirt and dust. Check its condition every 15000 km, this will help you to save and not be in a stalemate.

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