Alarm APS - description and characteristics of models

Alarm APS is one of the most popular types of additional security systems. This device combines quality, reliability and high functionality. APS was developed taking into account all the wishes of domestic car owners, thanks to which this alarm system occupies a leading position in the sales ranking. Simplicity in programming is its distinctive feature, which makes it pay special attention to it. With Microchip microprocessor, this security system is able to go (or simply reprogrammed) into a silent mode, which is activated by pressing the buttons on the key fob and in the car. Thanks to this, no one will even notice if you put the car on the alarm system or not.

Alarm APS - instructions and description of models

To date, under this brand are produced several dozen different models that combine reliability and functionality. Let's look at some of them.

  • Alarm system APS 5200. This model is quite popular in Russia, and its distinguishing feature is the following set of functions: siren, Anti-High Jack system, immobilizer with two additional channels, two-level impact sensors, and a built-in pager. Also worth noting is that along with this you will receive an additional installation kit with various devices.
  • Alarm APS 5100. This is one of the most common security systems in the budget class. By purchasing this system, you will get almost the same set of functions as the previous model. The only difference is the presence of a passive pager with power output and feedback.
  • Multifunction alarm system model 1650. This unit has a thin, original two-button keychain, which has the ability to automatically reprogram all protection functions, including the setting of the siren and impact sensors. Together with him you will ensure your iron friend full security during your absence.

APS alarm - instruction and price

As for the instruction, each model has its own instruction manual, as well as information on the installation of the system in case the motorist makes an independent installation. Also, when purchasing this security system, you will receive a special warranty card, due to which in the event of an unforeseen breakdown, free adjustment, repair or replacement of the electrical components will be performed. The price for all of the above models varies from $ 30 to $ 50.


Despite the fact that the price of this device is notable, each model of alarm will provide you with reliability, convenience and comfort in use. Judging by the reviews, the breakdowns of APS security systems are rare and often due to inattention of drivers themselves. Therefore, acquiring the alarm system of this brand, you will get an excellent protection for your vehicle from car thieves.

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