How to dry shoes quickly: interesting ideas and recommendations

During rainy weather, shoes require frequent washing. Not every person has the opportunity to buy a few pairs of boots, shoes. Therefore, after getting wet, you need to dry it as soon as possible. There are many ways. However, you need to know how quickly to dry shoes without harm. It's easy to do at home. For this, various means are used.

There is also a large selection of special dryers today. They can be purchased at the store. Wishing to use such devices outside the house, it is necessary to select models on batteries. In the absence of such dryers, you can use folk remedies. It will be a little longer, but the result will also be good.

General recommendations

To properly and quickly dry shoes, you need to consider a number of tips. This will save it, will extend the service life. Especially does not tolerate wet leather shoes. It is immediately deformed. Therefore, if the boots and boots get wet, they should be removed immediately. Then they choose water droplets.

Asking how quickly to dry shoes, you should ensure favorable conditions. The room should be well ventilated. In this case, the temperature in the room should not be high. This will spoil the shoes. Uneven heating near the stove, battery or other heating equipment leads to the stretching of the material from one side and compression from the other side. Therefore, it is better to dry shoes at low temperatures.

Before the drying starts, you need to get the insole and maximally open the shoes, sneakers. If there are shoelaces, they get them. It is best to dry all removable items separately. So the process will go faster. Especially since shoelaces, insoles are best washed separately and dried on a battery. If you place them near the heating devices, these shoe elements are not deformed.

Newspaper and Soda

To decide how quickly to dry shoes from the inside, you should consider the basic folk remedies. The most popular in this case are the newspaper or soda. Leather boots will dry overnight if you use this technology. The room temperature can be 18-20 degrees.

The newspaper pieces are put inside the shoes. The couple is wrapped in a newspaper and on top. It should be noted that the paper should not be full of photos. And it's better not to use glossy sheets.

The newspaper should be changed every 3-4 hours. Instead of a newspaper, use a sock filled with soda. This remedy also eliminates unpleasant odors.


In deciding how quickly to dry wet shoes, salt will be a good tool. It has good absorbent qualities and is able to pick up not only moisture from shoes, but also greasy stains from clothes (if applied immediately after staining). To speed up the process, the salt is heated in a frying pan (to an average temperature). Then it is poured into a nylon sock. The content must therefore be warm, not hot.

Tightly tied sock and put inside boots, sneakers. Sometimes only one approach is sufficient for complete drying. If the toe has cooled down, and the shoes are still wet, the procedure with heating is repeated.


In search of a solution, how quickly to dry shoes after washing, it is worthwhile to consider another simple method. In this case, use a clean dry rice. It has a good ability to absorb moisture.

Rice groats are covered in a box. The thickness of the layer should be several centimeters. Boots or sneakers put it up with a sole. If the shoes were not too wet, it would dry for 4 hours at room temperature.

Instead of rice, you can use a filler for the cat's toilet. It must be silica gel. It can absorb moisture very quickly. Use this "dryer" can be several times.

Electrical devices

If the house has an electric floor heating, it will help to dry the shoes even from genuine leather correctly. Uniform and moderate heating does not deform the shoes. It is enough to leave the shoes on a warm surface for several hours. The result will be excellent!

On sale there are even ready-made small rugs, inside which is sewn a heating element. It is enough to include the mat in the outlet, and several pairs of shoes can be dried at the same time.

If there is a question, how quickly to dry shoes from synthetic materials, it is worth considering the following option. Sneakers, moccasins (without a hard or gel soles) are put in a machine for drying clothes. The process is quick and effortless.

Special dryers

On sale there is a huge number of different devices, deciding the question of how to quickly dry shoes at home. Dryers can be of three types:

  1. Electric varieties.
  2. Dryer with the possibility of blowing has a tube. They come from the coolant. Dry the leather shoes with it can be done in just three hours. The cost of such a device is average.
  3. The ultraviolet dryer is the most expensive kind. It combines the principle of blowing and ultraviolet lamp. It is a good remedy against fungus and various microorganisms.

These are simple but effective ways to quickly dry the wet shoes. However, it does not deteriorate. Special drying devices are considered to be the most effective. If they work on batteries, they can be taken with them to the campaign, to work, to the dacha. It is very convenient.

Having familiarized with the technology, how to quickly dry shoes, you can choose the most suitable method. Each of these methods retains a good appearance of the products even from genuine leather. The availability of all improvised tools allows everyone in just a few hours to cope with the problem. It is enough to spend several hours on the drying process, and you can wear shoes again!

Over time, it is better to purchase special devices. The process of drying wet shoes will go faster, without effort on the part of the person. With the use of ultraviolet dryers, it is possible to prevent the development of fungal diseases of the legs, to remove unpleasant odors.

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