Midi dresses with a lush skirt. Subtlety of style

Midi is the average length. This word means a skirt covering the knee, but not reaching the ankles. Many designers do not justly consider this length to be universal, because it is appropriate in business, and in everyday, and in the evening fashion. Therefore, midi dresses with a lush skirt are always relevant.

Winning option

The length of the midi is suitable for women with completely different complexions. The main thing is not to lose a healthy objectivity in front of the mirror. Heavy flowing tails will distract attention from the full thighs, and flying multilayered thin folds, on the contrary, will hide excess thinness. Midi dresses with a fluffy skirt should be chosen and adjusted for growth. High fashioners are almost any length, but especially effectively looks hem to the middle of the roe. And those who are growing lower, fit the midi dress with a lush skirt reaching the lower third of the shin. Such a cut visually draws the figure. Yes, and by itself, an expanding skirt slim down, so it goes absolutely everyone.

Often it is the styles of midi dresses used for family look. They sit equally advantageously on both mom and daughter. And even these dresses remind us of the times of style, when the whole world was just crazy for the average length. Dresses retro midi with a fluffy skirt are relevant today. And most likely, will return to fashion more than once.

Styles and seasons

Midi is often used in casual style. And this length is relevant all year round. For the cold season, suitable wool, tweed, gabardine, twill. And for summer walks, it is better to choose satin, cotton, silk.

Office fashion dictates its own rules. If you choose a midi dress with a lush skirt in a business style, avoid the abundance of frills and fals, do not abuse the decor elements. Better place emphasis on the fabric, then even the simplest style will look elegant and advantageous. To supplement the image can be costume jewelry in a low-key style.

Lush dress-midi can become quite a universal thing. His catchy appearance and "elegance" can be slightly leveled with a neutral jacket or a short jacket, put on top. Thus, in the same dress you can go to work, and to a solemn event immediately after the end of the day. And in both cases it will be appropriate. With the calling mini this number will not work. And with the binding length of the maxi too.

In this season, many designers make a special emphasis on the sleeves. They can be prisborennye on the shoulders, trimmed flounces, strapped kulisko on the bottom edge.

For especially solemn occasions

Solemnly and elegantly look dresses midi with a fluffy evening skirt. A noble satin, brocade brocade, lace fabric, tulle, lace, silk and even leather are suitable for their tailoring. Decor dresses can be the most daring.

Such a length is also actual for wedding fashion. Midi dresses with a lush skirt are a great way to emphasize natural beauty. Snow-white linen, layers of flowing tulle, laconism and elegant restraint - all this will help create a truly feminine and sophisticated image of the bride.

In the cut of the bodice, it is appropriate here that in other cases very few people will dare. For example, an evening dress with a lush skirt will look incredible, combined with a deep neckline. And for a wedding, you can choose a classic corset.

The taste and color

Today are actual as single-colored dresses of midi with a lush skirt, and more intricate colors. The choice depends on the place and time. Very stylish look dresses with a monophonic top and a skirt with a bright print.

When choosing colors, we are careful: a large pattern, horizontal stripes, color blocks - not the best choice for those who do not consider their figure ideal.

Shoes & Accessories

This length of the hem is simply perfectly combined with the hairpin, emphasizing the beautiful ankles. Those who do not like or for some reason do not wear a heel, no less successfully combine midi with boats on a flat course or ballet. In the casual style with medium-length dresses, you can wear ankle boots, shoes, clogs, boots and sandals - depending on the season and style.

To dresses of length midi small bags on a thin strap, clutches perfectly approach. With a fluffy bottom, thin scarves and scarves are well combined. A thin waist can be emphasized with a belt.

Do not be afraid to complement the image and accessories in the appropriate style and color.

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